Zoom Talk (Feb 2021)

Our next Zoom Talk for members will be at 8pm UK time on Wednesday 10th February 2021.

If you are interested in joining the Zoom Talk please send an email to zoom@dgfhs.org.uk with your details including Location and Membership Number. If you do not have your membership number then please email either the UK Membership Secretary or the Overseas Membership Secretary who will be able to provide it to you. Please include any question you may have to enable us to prepare an answer. Written questions will take precedence.

This meeting has been scheduled to allow members from Canada and USA to take part. We expect the meeting to last 60-90 minutes. Details of the meetings and agendas will be published on our Syllabus page.

We will contact you with information prior to the event and we will send a link to the Talk 1 day prior to the event.