As we are affiliated to Findmypast our Members have the opportunity to obtain a discount if they take out a new subscription to Findmypast.

Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society members will benefit from a 15% discount if they take out a new UK Findmypast subscription. So whatever subscription you purchase, whether it is Starter, Plus or Pro, 15% will be deducted upon inserting a voucher code. Findmypast automatically deduct 15% from their renewal subscription so it is not necessary to insert the code each year. However, should you let your Findmypast subscription lapse our code will allow you 15% discount when you decide to subscribe again.

The discount can only be obtained from Findmypast UK. This also applies to our Overseas members and once obtained their username and password will be enabled for their local Findmypast website.

This discount, under current subscription rates, ranges from £10.80 to £23.80 which is a huge benefit bearing in mind our E-Journal subscription fee of £7.50 or our full subscription fee of £11 in UK and £14 overseas. Essentially the discount will more than pay for your DGFHS subscription and is a great reason to maintain your DGFHS membership.

The Voucher Code will change yearly. To obtain your code please email the UK Membership Secretary or the Overseas Membership Secretary depending on your location.