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Glenkens, A Midwife's Notebook 1787-92 - I Macleod198813PDF Only
Young, Ann, A Midwife's Notebook 1787-92 - I Macleod198813PDF Only
Cooper, Thomas & James, New Luce - D Whyte198816PDF Only
Emigration to Niagara, Cooper - D Whyte198816PDF Only
New Luce to Niagara, T&J Cooper - D Whyte198816PDF Only
Maps, Taylor&Skinner 1776198821PDF Only
Agg, James, India - D Morgan198822PDF Only
Archive Centre, Dumfries, Part 1 - M Stewart198822PDF Only
India Office Library&Records - D Morgan198822PDF Only
Trotter, Robert 1798-1875 - I Macleod198823PDF Only
Butters, Capt John of Dalbeattie198825PDF Only
Tompson, William of O(U)rr - E W Tate198825PDF Only
Census returns&OPRs, W Scotland-book review198829PDF Only
OPRs&census returns,WScotland-book review198829PDF Only
Scottish family history - book review198829PDF Only
Transportation to colonies - book review198829PDF Only
Burney,Willm, Royal Academy Gosport-M Aitken198831PDF Only
Gosport Royal Academy, W Burney - M Aitken198831PDF Only
Archive Centre, Dumfries, Part 2 - M Stewart198833PDF Only
Irving, Capt William, Canada - S Shannon198833PDF Only
Ruthwell, talk - A Cheyne198839PDF Only
Naming customs in Scotland1988310PDF Only
New Zealand sources - E Fisher1988311PDF Only
Glasserton House198941PDF Only
Coplands, Stewartry - V L Dixon198942PDF Only
Kirkmahoe, Pat(t)ersons - D Welland198944PDF Only
Pat(t)ersons, Kirkmahoe&Tinwald - D Welland198944PDF Only
Tinwald, Pat(t)ersons - D Welland198944PDF Only
Hannays, talk - D Hannay198945PDF Only
Lovely Nelly, passenger lists 1774/5- J Lawson198946PDF Only
Coopers, emigration to N America198947PDF Only
McMikens, emigration to N America198947PDF Only
Trades, old names of - S Shannon198947PDF Only
Maps, c19 Wigtownshire parishes198948PDF Only
Doonhamer, origin & meaning of word - I Miller1989415PDF Only
Irving, Capt Wm, Canada, book review1989415PDF Only
Irving, Capt Wm, letters to ed x 21989415PDF Only
Cumbrian ancestors - book review1989416PDF Only
Tay Valley people in Australia - book review1989416PDF Only
Fairgrieves, gardeners - J Perrin198952PDF Only
Gardeners, Fairgrieves - J Perrin198952PDF Only
Genealogy, research issues - D Welland198953PDF Only
Lovely Nelly, passenger lists, 1774/5 - B Marshall198954PDF Only
Bee, Robert, mariner, Kirkcudbright - A Jones198955PDF Only
Browns, blacksmiths, Moniaive - A Jones198955PDF Only
Collow, Robert, Moniaive - A Jones198955PDF Only
Hornel Museum & Library, Kirkcudbright - J Cullen198955PDF Only
McGouns, mariners, Kirkcudbright A Jones198955PDF Only
Thomson, James, Moniaive - A Jones198955PDF Only
Garmory/Montgomery - W Thomas198956PDF Only
Montgomery/Garmory - W Thomas198956PDF Only
Spellings of names, Garmory - W Thomas198956PDF Only
Spellings of names, Montgomery - W Thomas198956PDF Only
Linton, Dumfries - M McWilliams198957PDF Only
Muirs, Dumfries & Kirkcudbright - M McWilliams198957PDF Only
Maps, 1890 Kirkcudbrightshire parishes198958PDF Only
McColms - P Limberg1989510PDF Only
Mount Stewart - P Limberg1989510PDF Only
Irvings of Bonshaw , talk - J B Irving198962PDF Only
Emigrants to England&Wales - book review198963PDF Only
Pocahontas - a Scottish connection - AB Hall198964PDF Only
Carrick Gallovidian - book review198965PDF Only
Earldom of Wigtown - book review198965PDF Only
Farm servants&labour in L'land S'land-bk review198965PDF Only
Fletcher, John, nailmaker, Stewartry - J Griffiths198966PDF Only
Maps, 1890 Dumfriesshire parishes198968PDF Only
Garmory/Montgomery - T Garmory1989610PDF Only
Montgomery/Garmory - T Garmory1989610PDF Only
Kirko,James, martyr - R Torrance1989614PDF Only
Sundaywell - R Torrance1989614PDF Only
Maps, Annan 1560199071PDF Only
Tweedies, Annandale - P Tweedie199072PDF Only
Horseman's "Word"/ploughmen - D Brown199073PDF Only
Ploughmen/horseman's "Word" - D Brown199073PDF Only
Ulster-Scot - JA Oliver199074PDF Only
Bie, Capt Bill, letter to ed - E MacDonald199076PDF Only
Carrick Gallovidian,Kevans,letter to ed - N Kevan199076PDF Only
McCulloch, Kirkcudbright, letter to ed - A Laird199076PDF Only
Privy Council Register, range of contents - A Jones199076PDF Only
KOSB, talk - DCR Ward199078PDF Only
Military, researching soldiers, talk - DCR Ward199078PDF Only
Soldiers, researching, talk - DCR Ward199078PDF Only
Borgue Academy - book review1990716PDF Only
Dumfries High Street, buildings past and present199081PDF Only
Carson, William, hosier, Dumfries - E Wickens199082PDF Only
Wigtownshire & Minnigaff sources199083PDF Only
Auchenlosh, S'wick, rent book 1743-1816 - P Jeffs199084PDF Only
Kidstons of Logie - book review199084PDF Only
Kirk, WH, of Dumfries & Canada - book review199084PDF Only
Logie, Kidstons - book review199084PDF Only
Hill, Wigtownshire - W J Thomas199086PDF Only
Wallace, Wigtownshire - W J Thomas199086PDF Only
Annan Mote, letter to ed - P Tweedie199087PDF Only
CWGC, research via, letter to ed - JM Cameron199087PDF Only
Hill, Ann and family of K'patrick-Fleming, talk - J Gair199088PDF Only
Kirkpartrick-Fleming parish, talk - J Gair199088PDF Only
Ulster-Scot - JA Oliver199088PDF Only
Census records for Scottish families - book review1990816PDF Only
Kirkpatrick Irongray parish199091PDF Only
Kirkpatrick Irongray parish, tour199092PDF Only
Rusco Tower, tour199093PDF Only
Douglases of Stranrear&Stoneykirk - JR Douglas199096PDF Only
Mcfarlanes, Misses of Highlands - J Stoddart199096PDF Only
Carsphairn 350 yrs - A Campbell199098PDF Only
Kirkpatricks - book review199099PDF Only
Portpatrick/Irish marriages - N Kevan1990915PDF Only
Marriages, Portpatrick/Irish link - N Kevan1991915PDF Only
Stranraer history - D Morgan1991101PDF Only
Dumfries in c19 - M McWilliam1991102PDF Only
Justiciary Records 1729-40 - D Adamson1991103PDF Only
Hospital archives, D and G, talk - M Williams1991106PDF Only
Carter-Pllard letters, talk - AB Hall1991107PDF Only
Soldiers, recruited in Dumfries 1855 - P Peak1991108PDF Only
Marriages, RC records, Liverpool1991109PDF Only
Blackcraig, cycling - D Nelson1991111PDF Only
Cycling, 1890-1900, Wigtownshire - D Nelson1991111PDF Only
Ulster-Scot, talk - RC Starratt1991113PDF Only
Hyslop, Lochrutton/USA1991114PDF Only
Medical cures c18-191991114PDF Only
Lovely Nelly emigrants1991115PDF Only
Black, Agnes/Nancy, Dumfries,transportee 1828 - R Bowman1991117PDF Only
Crime, A/N Black, Dumfries - R Bowman1991117PDF Only
McTaggart, James 1775-1843, Wigtownshire/USA - GA Dickey1991118PDF Only
Kirkpatrick Durham - book review19911110PDF Only
Annandale, Upper, drove roads - E MacDonald1991122PDF Only
Drove roads of Upper Annandale - E MacDonald1991122PDF Only
Lochmaben Affectionate Society - R Torrance1991123PDF Only
Postal disaster, Tweedshaws 1831 1991123PDF Only
Tweedshaws, postal disaster 18311991123PDF Only
Houston, Samuel, Wigtownshire - D Whyte1991124PDF Only
Anglo-Scottish relations & the Border - book review1991125PDF Only
Durisdeer, tour - B Scott1991126PDF Only
Anglo-Scottish Border - book review1991127PDF Only
Ulster - book review1991127PDF Only
Crawickmill, Mccalls - J Funke1991129PDF Only
McCalls of Crawickmill - J Funke1991129PDF Only
Genealogy, writing family history - book review19911210PDF Only
Maps, OS for Dumfries 189919911210PDF Only
Soldiers, Scottish 1793-1828, list - book review19911210PDF Only
Galloway local history bibliography, Part 1 - A Penman19911211PDF Only
Mortifications - ed19911215PDF Only
Morgan, John, travelling merchant1992131PDF Only
Cowan, Andrew, curling stone maker and his D&G customers - B Watson1992132PDF Only
Curling, A Cowan, stone-maker - B Watson1992132PDF Only
Galloway local history bibliography, Part 2 - A Penman1992133PDF Only
Kells parish churches, letter to ed - N McL Gordon1992135PDF Only
Stewartry booklets of A Penman1992135PDF Only
Funeral customs & societies 1777-18331992136PDF Only
Funeral regulations, New Abbey 1807 - W Holland1992136PDF Only
New Abbey, burial regulations 1807 - W Holland1992136PDF Only
Charity, c18, Kirkmichael parish - J Stoddart1992137PDF Only
Funeral customs - book review1992137PDF Only
Trades & Professions, Scottish bibliography - book review1992137PDF Only
Drummore history project, talk - S McColm1992138PDF Only
Cross, Elizabeth, talk - AB Hall1992139PDF Only
Gordon, John, Australia 18761992139PDF Only
Robertson, George Johnston 18901992139PDF Only
Wigtownshire booklets19921310PDF Only
Abbeys of Galloway, talk - D Brooke1992142PDF Only
Collins, Robert, photographer, talk - W Holland1992142PDF Only
McVitties, Annandale - WW Brown1992143PDF Only
Porteous, Cummertrees, Dumfries, New Abbey - WW Brown1992143PDF Only
Little clan - JC Little1992144PDF Only
Coylton, Ayrshire - J Stoddart1992145PDF Only
Hutton Hall Academy, Caerlaverock - J Stoddart1992145PDF Only
Pollock Academy, Annan - J Stoddart1992145PDF Only
Smith, John, teacher - J Stoddart1992145PDF Only
Testaments - D Adamson1992146PDF Only
Dalrymples of Stair - D Whyte19921410PDF Only
Kirkliston, W Lothian - D Whyte19921410PDF Only
McTaggart, John&Alexander, Torrs, Stewartry - L Flyte19921414PDF Only
Torrs, Stewartry, McTaggart - L Flyte19921414PDF Only
Customs, folklore, Superstitions of Galloway - Book review19921415PDF Only
Gatehouse, smiddies1992151PDF Only
McDonald's smiddy, Gatehouse1992151PDF Only
Bisset, John, Lochrutton - J B Robertson1992152PDF Only
Lochrutton, mill, water works, J Bisset - JB Robertson1992152PDF Only
Flanders, links with Scotland - book review1992153PDF Only
Immigration into Scotland, talks1992153PDF Only
Carsphairn, Woodhead lead mine, tour1992154PDF Only
Gatehouse, tour1992154PDF Only
Woodhead lead mine, Carsphairn,tour1992154PDF Only
Donaghadee ferry, letter to ed - J Stoddart1992156PDF Only
Mctaggart, John of Stewartry and Canada, letter to ed - AM Jones1992156PDF Only
Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopaedia, J Mctaggart, letter to ed - AM Jones1992156PDF Only
Ulster links including Donaghadee ferry, letter to ed - J Stoddart1992156PDF Only
Craignair (Dalbeattie) Club, USA - D Jaggi1992158PDF Only
Dalbeattie, Craignair Club in USA - D Jaggi1992158PDF Only
Cycling, velocipedes for post runners 1869 - J Steele1992159PDF Only
Postal services, use of velocipedes 1869 - J Steele1992159PDF Only
Stevenson, Robina, Whithorn - J Perrin1992159PDF Only
Velocipedes for post runners 1869 - J Steele1992159PDF Only
Whithorn, Robina Stevenson - J Perrin1992159PDF Only
Drover, Robert Hope, Glenlee - EF Morris19921510PDF Only
Glenlee, Stewartry, Hopes - EF Morris19921510PDF Only
Hopes of Moffat, Glenlee & India/W Indies - EF Morris19921510PDF Only
Gibsons of Closeburn19921511PDF Only
Moniaive - book review19921511PDF Only
Stirling Burgess List 1600-99 - book review19921511PDF Only
Gatehouse, McAdams1993161PDF Only
McAdams of Gatehouse1993161PDF Only
Dumfries and Galloway, people & history - book review1993162PDF Only
Jardines - A Jardine1993163PDF Only
Halls, origins of family, talk - AB Hall1993164PDF Only
Curling, Lochrutton 1854 - T Garmory1993165PDF Only
Funerals, Irongray Hearse Society - M Aitken1993165PDF Only
Irongray Hearse Society - M Aitken1993165PDF Only
Lochrutton, curling 1854 - T Garmory1993165PDF Only
Jardine, James Robert 1890-1977 1993166PDF Only
Ardoch Estate, Dalry 1785 - R Rorison1993167PDF Only
Kirkcudbright New Church 18381993168PDF Only
Maps, Kirkcudbright pre-18381993168PDF Only
Craignair (Dalbeattie) Club, USA - D Jaggi19931610PDF Only
Dalbeattie, Craignair Club in USA - D Jaggi19931610PDF Only
Hawthornes, Moffat, 1890s, letter to ed - SA Doyle19931610PDF Only
Moffat Cemetery, Hawthornes, 1890s letter to ed - SA Doyle19931610PDF Only
Bryden, John Glendinning, Tinwald&Shetland 1787-1855 - S Porter19931611PDF Only
Creighton, Janet of New Abbey & Shetland 1795-1888 - S Porter19931611PDF Only
WW1 battlefields guide - book review19931611PDF Only
Customs&Excise terminology - E Robinson19931612PDF Only
Excise& customs terminology - E Robinson19931612PDF Only
McClamrochs - D Whyte1993172PDF Only
McClellans in Galloway - book review1993173PDF Only
Customs records in Scotland - book review1993174PDF Only
Fortified buildings of D&G - book review1993174PDF Only
Hyslops of Langholm - book review1993174PDF Only
Livingstone, John, Covenanting minister 1626-67 - book review1993174PDF Only
Smuggling in D and G - book review1993174PDF Only
Urr parish - book review1993174PDF Only
Colvend&Southwick - book review1993175PDF Only
Southwick&Colvend - book review1993175PDF Only
Wandering Willie - A Penman1993176PDF Only
Kirk Session minutes, Dumfries 1735-43 - C Jones1993177PDF Only
McGuffie Louis VC, Wigtown - L Ruthven1993177PDF Only
Carruthers, Elizabeth, Borders,talk - M Robson1993179PDF Only
Tweedies of Lochmaben area, talk - P Tweedie1993179PDF Only
Dinwiddies Part 1 - R Johnston-Smith1993182PDF Only
Dalry - book review1993185PDF Only
Harkness family - book review1993185PDF Only
Scots language - book review1993185PDF Only
Bakers at 44 High St, Gatehouse - B Davies1993186PDF Only
Gatehouse, history of bakery at 44 High St - B Davies1993186PDF Only
Stewartry Museum archives, talk - D Devereux1993188PDF Only
Galloway, towns & villages, talk - A Wolffe1994192PDF Only
Craignair of Liverpool - HC Murdoch1994193PDF Only
Duncan & Co, ship builders, Port Glasgow - HC Murdoch1994193PDF Only
Rae & Co Shipmasters of Liverpool & Kirkb't - HC Murdoch1994193PDF Only
Buchanans, Kirkcud't, Canada - J Stoddart1994196PDF Only
Howies, Ayrshire, Canada - J Stoddart1994196PDF Only
Dinwiddies Part 2 - R Johnston-Smith1994198PDF Only
Gatehouse, origin of name, letter to ed - JE Russell19941910PDF Only
Castles of SW Scotland - book review19941915PDF Only
Aircraft 1913, Cults, Castle Kennedy, Capt Dawes1994201PDF Only
Castle Kennedy, Cults, aircraft 1913, Capt Dawes1994201PDF Only
Cults, Castle Kennedy, aircraft 1913, Capt Dawes1994201PDF Only
Dawes, Capt, aircraft 1913, Cults, Castle Kennedy1994201PDF Only
Craiks, talk - I Craik1994203PDF Only
Maxwelltown, talk - W Ogilvie1994203PDF Only
Dinwiddies Part 3 - R Johnston-Smith1994204PDF Only
Rogerson, Dr John 1741-1823, Johnstone parish, Russia - D whyte1994206PDF Only
Genealogy research pitfalls - D Adamson1994208PDF Only
Hiddleston, Jos, gardener, D and G Horticultural Soc 18701994209PDF Only
Horticultural Soc, D and G 1870, Hiddleston1994209PDF Only
Closeburn Station1994211PDF Only
Maitlands, talk - H Maitland1994214PDF Only
Threave castle, talk - A Penman1994214PDF Only
Marchbank, "Orion" sinking - E MacDonald1994217PDF Only
Morocco Mission, Cuthbert Nairn - J Stoddart1994217PDF Only
Nairn, Cuthbert, Morocco Mission - J Stoddart1994217PDF Only
Orion sinking, Marchbank - E MacDonald1994217PDF Only
M.I. inscription precautions, letter - I T Shankland1994218PDF Only
Balmaghie, Landsboroughs, letter - AM Jones1994219PDF Only
Hallidy, M, J Rogerson, J Mounsey, Johnstone, letter - A Taylor1994219PDF Only
Johnstone parish, Rogerson, Halliday, Mounsey, letter - A Taylor1994219PDF Only
Landsboroughs, Balmaghie, letter - AM Jones1994219PDF Only
Mounsey, J, J Rogerson, M Halliday, Johnstone, letter - A Taylor1994219PDF Only
Rogerson, J, M Halliday, J Mounsey, Johnstone, letter - A Taylor1994219PDF Only
Bakers of Gatehouse, Murdoch19942110PDF Only
Dalbeattie, book review19942110PDF Only
Gatehouse, Murdoch, baker19942110PDF Only
Mochrum parish history, book review19942110PDF Only
Murdoch, baker, Gatehouse19942110PDF Only
Railway accident, Dumfries 1897 - A Griffiths19942110PDF Only
Railways, SW Scotland, book review19942110PDF Only
Richardson, Sir John 19942115PDF Only
Balmaghie, church and farms1995221PDF Only
Copland, John, Balmaghie1995221PDF Only
Crockett, SR 1995221PDF Only
Dirom portraits, Raeburn - M Aitken1995222PDF Only
Paisleys, talk - DW Paisley1995222PDF Only
Pasley-Diroms, Raeburn M Aitken1995222PDF Only
Raeburn portraits, Diroms, Pasleys - M Aitken1995222PDF Only
Glendinnings - D Glendinning1995224PDF Only
Campbells, Victoria, Australia1995225PDF Only
Railways, SW Scotland, letter - RR Cunningham1995225PDF Only
Roads, letter - RR Cunningham1995225PDF Only
Orion, letter - RR Cunningham1995226PDF Only
Hannay, Andrew, letter - GD Niven1995227PDF Only
Mowhan, letter - GD Niven1995227PDF Only
Orion, letter - JD Taylor1995227PDF Only
Scots in Wigan - JD Beckett1995228PDF Only
Wigan, Scots in - J D Beckett1995228PDF Only
Closeburn, J MacDonald Stationmaster1995229PDF Only
MacDonald, J, Stationmaster, Closeburn1995229PDF Only
M.I. inscription precautions, letter - B Fellowes19952210PDF Only
Craignair (Dalbeattie) Club, USA - D Jaggi19952215PDF Only
Dalbeattie, Craignair Club in USA - D Jaggi19952215PDF Only
Craignair Quarry, Dalbeattie - T Garmory1995231PDF Only
Quarries, Craignair, Dalbeattie - T Garmory1995231PDF Only
Dalbeattie, talk - Hendersons & J Roberts1995233PDF Only
Balmaghie, Dallings - J W Cansdale1995234PDF Only
Dallings, Balmaghie - JW Cansdale1995234PDF Only
Balmaghie, J Neilson - P Jeffs1995235PDF Only
Neilson, J, Balmaghie - P Jeffs1995235PDF Only
Dinwiddie, Lt William - HP Dinwoodie1995236PDF Only
City of Perth, letter - D Hamilton1995237PDF Only
Craignair, New Zealand, letter - D Hamilton1995237PDF Only
Dinwiddies - R Johnston-Smith1995237PDF Only
McBryde, Samue, Dundrennan, NZ, letter - D Hamilton1995237PDF Only
Somerill, Thomas - R Johnston-Smith1995237PDF Only
McCollachs, Swaledale, letter - D McCulloch1995238PDF Only
McCullochs, Richmond, Yorks, letter - D McCulloch1995238PDF Only
Scots in N of England, letter - D McCulloch1995238PDF Only
Dumfriesshire families, book review1995239PDF Only
Minnigaff organ fund1995239PDF Only
Churches, old parishes of Scotland, book review19952310PDF Only
Galloway history, book review19952310PDF Only
Motor traffic, regulation 19071995241PDF Only
Roads, regulation of motor traffic 19071995241PDF Only
Black, John of Dardarroch - M Sparkes1995242PDF Only
Dardarroch, John Black of - M Sparkes1995242PDF Only
Marriage, irregular - W Holland1995244PDF Only
Photographs, understanding old, book review1995244PDF Only
Barhobble excavations, Elrig - W Cormack1995245PDF Only
Buittle, talk - A Penman & G Burn1995245PDF Only
Elrig, Barhobble excavations - W Cormack1995245PDF Only
Annan history, book review1995248PDF Only
McBryde, Samuel, Dundrennan, letter - AM Jones19952413PDF Only
Covenanting sites in Kirkcudbrightshire, book review19952419PDF Only
Emigration bibliography, book review19952419PDF Only
Austins of Canonbie - E Austin1996251PDF Only
Esk Bank, Canonbie - E Austin1996251PDF Only
Green, William Bracewell, Bacup - E Austin1996251PDF Only
Kirkyards, Scottish, talk - D Love1996252PDF Only
Roads, military in SW Scotland, Scottish Record Office ref.1996253PDF Only
War, c18, North America, letter - R Cunningham1996253PDF Only
Hannays - J Clay1996254PDF Only
Carswell, TG & W, granite manufacturers1996255PDF Only
Craignair Club, Vermont 1996255PDF Only
Forsythes, Langholm, Prince Edward Is1996255PDF Only
Granite quarry workers in USA1996255PDF Only
Quarry workers in USA1996255PDF Only
Rowan, JA, Dalbeattie & USA1996255PDF Only
Annandale Distillery - IT Millar1996256PDF Only
Corsons, Dumfriesshire - IT Millar1996256PDF Only
Covenanting in Dumfriesshire - IT Millar1996256PDF Only
Douglases of Kelhead - IT Millar1996256PDF Only
Kelhead, Douglases & McKays - IT Millar1996256PDF Only
Kinmount, making of gardens by D McKay - IT Millar1996256PDF Only
McKays of Strathnaver & Kelhead - IT Millar1996256PDF Only
Laird, John McDonald, Port Logan- J Stoddart1996257PDF Only
Mowat, Kirkcudbright & NZ1996257PDF Only
Port Logan school & inn - J Stoddart1996257PDF Only
Railways, research, book reviews1996257PDF Only
Rankine, William, Moffat & NZ1996257PDF Only
Parker, Vice-Admiral William - B Krasinska1996258PDF Only
Buittle Kirk Session records - J Stoddart1996259PDF Only
Crime, executions in Dfs1996259PDF Only
Wyllie of Kp-Fleming & NZ1996259PDF Only
Accidents & disasters, book reviews19962510PDF Only
Covenanting monuments, book review19962510PDF Only
Monuments in Galloway, book review19962510PDF Only
Moore, George, Manx merchant, book review19962510PDF Only
Robinson, Samuel of Kirkinner, book review19962510PDF Only
Slave ships, book review19962510PDF Only
Wigtonshire reminiscences, book reviews19962510PDF Only
McNish, John of Stranraer19962511PDF Only
Huguenot Society19962517PDF Only
WW1 graves, Buzancy - M Aitken19962519PDF Only
Covenanting in Dumfriesshire - IT Millar1996263PDF Only
Coshogle - A Lorraine1996264PDF Only
Lorraines - A Lorraine1996264PDF Only
Accidents & disasters, book reviews1996265PDF Only
Dairying in Scotland, book review1996265PDF Only
Irving, James, slave captain, book review1996265PDF Only
Kippford, book review1996265PDF Only
Londoners, how to trace their histories, book review1996265PDF Only
Portpatrick church, book review1996265PDF Only
Slave trade, James Irving, book review1996265PDF Only
Sorbie church, book review1996265PDF Only
St Michael's church, book review1996265PDF Only
Galloway characters - J Hunter1996266PDF Only
McClymonts of Kirkland, Castle Douglas1996267PDF Only
Polmaddy, talk - J Macdonald1996267PDF Only
Empress Eugenie, Dumfriesshire origins - D Whyte1996268PDF Only
Eugenie, Empress, Dumfriesshire origins - D Whyte1996268PDF Only
Bergenstein, Rebecca, Constantinople & Maxwelltown - D Brown19962610PDF Only
Mason, Dr, ?Maxwelltown - D Brown19962610PDF Only
Maxwelltown Free church - D Brown19962610PDF Only
Craignair, McBride, New Zealand - E Fisher19962611PDF Only
McBride, Samuel, Craignair, Dfs and NZ - E Fisher19962611PDF Only
monumental masons, S McBride, NZ - E Fisher19962611PDF Only
Weights & measures for historians - book review19962619PDF Only
Motor industry, early, D and G1996271PDF Only
Penman's Garage, Castle Douglas1996271PDF Only
Coachbuilding - A Penman1996272PDF Only
Cycling, Penman - A Penman 1996272PDF Only
Motor industry, early, D and G - A Penman1996272PDF Only
Penman family - A Penman1996272PDF Only
Sailing, Penman - A Penman1996272PDF Only
Yacht Club, Solway - A Penman1996272PDF Only
Craik, John, writing master at Dumfries Academy - I Kirkpatrick1996274PDF Only
Dean, George Dumfries Academy 18401996274PDF Only
Bonshaw Tower, talk - J B Irving1996275PDF Only
Covenanters, Kirkbride Conventicle1996275PDF Only
Irvings of Bonshaw , talk - J B Irving1996275PDF Only
Lettrick/Nether Craigenputtock, Tweedie - J Crocket1996278PDF Only
Nether Craigenputtock/Lettrick, Tweedie - J Crocket1996278PDF Only
Tweedie, Major Gen William of Lettrick/ Nether Craigenputtock - J Crocket1996278PDF Only
Annan churches, book review19962711PDF Only
Clockmakers of SW Scotland - book review19962711PDF Only
Emigration to Canada, book review19962711PDF Only
Lochmaben Hospital, book review19962711PDF Only
WW1, D McMillan of Dumfries and Canada, book review19962711PDF Only
Hastings, R, flesher, Glasgow St, Maxwelltown1997281PDF Only
Tait, Lt James Edward - R McAdam1997282PDF Only
Dundrennan Abbey, book review1997283PDF Only
Galloway Rifle Volunteers - AM Jones1997284PDF Only
Grahams of Kirkcudbright - AM Jones1997284PDF Only
Military, Galloway Rifle Volunteers - AM Jones1997284PDF Only
Covenanting, MacMazon/Mason - G Jones1997286PDF Only
MacMazzon/Mason, Lewis - G Jones1997286PDF Only
Mason/MacMazon, Lewis - G Jones1997286PDF Only
Robison, silver mug linked to Dfs, elsewhere in Scotland and world - M Davis1997286PDF Only
Sheepdogs, Wales - G Jones1997286PDF Only
Shepherding, dogs, Wales - G Jones1997286PDF Only
Welsh Blue sheepdog - G Jones1997286PDF Only
Burns, Anabella, sister of Robert - J Nowakowski1997288PDF Only
Genealogy sources at Broughton House, Kirkcudbright, talk - J Allan1997288PDF Only
Hornel, talk - F Scott1997288PDF Only
Wallace, Catherine - J Nowakowski1997288PDF Only
Ragman's Roll, origin of name - A Donaldson1997289PDF Only
Broom of Moy near Moffat - MR Buckland19972810PDF Only
Emigration - MR Buckland19972810PDF Only
Gracie, Archibald of Dumfries and USA19972810PDF Only
Hendries of Moffat & Old Greenwich, USA - MR Buckland19972810PDF Only
Renwicks of Dyke, Moffat & Old Greenwich, USA - MR Buckland19972810PDF Only
Annan Co. of Volunteers - IT Millar1997291PDF Only
Corrie's of Annan, plumbers - IT Millar1997291PDF Only
KOSB, 5th Battalion, WWI - IT Millar1997291PDF Only
Military, Annan Co. of Volunteers - IT Millar1997291PDF Only
Millar & Son of Annan, plumbers etc. - IT Millar1997291PDF Only
Millars of Paisley & Annan - IT Millar1997291PDF Only
Territorial Army - IT Millar1997291PDF Only
WW1, Lt. Col. Millar - IT Millar1997291PDF Only
Maps, local, talk - G Roberts1997293PDF Only
Genealogy sources, Scottish Record Office, talk - A Borthwick1997294PDF Only
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Gold Rush, Victoria, emigration from D&G1997296PDF Only
Marriage, irregular, Annan & Portpatrick - book reviews1997296PDF Only
Mining, Victorian Gold Rush, emigration from D&G1997296PDF Only
Creetown & Kirkmabreck - book review1997297PDF Only
Kirkmabreck & Creetown - book review1997297PDF Only
McCreadies of Wigtownshire1997297PDF Only
McQuakers of Wigtownshire1997297PDF Only
Rusk, John, mason, Glenluce1997297PDF Only
Seafarers, Scottish of C18 - book review1997297PDF Only
Fisher family of Glenluce & Stanraer - book review1997298PDF Only
Hastings of N Ireland, Glenluce & Stranraer - book review1997298PDF Only
Kirkpatrick Fleming - book review1997298PDF Only
MakLuire, Dr John, Edinburgh physician - book review1997298PDF Only
Catherinefield, Locharbriggs, 1935 - JC Grier1997299PDF Only
Reid, George at Catherinefield, 1935 - JC Grier1997299PDF Only
Football, players from D&G joining Lincoln City FC, c19 & early c2019972910PDF Only
Lincoln City Football Club, c19 &early c20 players from D&G19972910PDF Only
Sport, football, players from D&G joining Lincoln City FC c19 & early c2019972910PDF Only
Names, interchangeable forenames in Scotland19972911PDF Only
Kirkcudbright kirkyard - B Irving1997301PDF Only
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Helen Douglas,brig - A Crowther1997303PDF Only
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Johnston/es - book review1997308PDF Only
Kirkcudbright burgesses 1576-1975 - book review1997308PDF Only
Medical, anaesthetic ether in Dumfries - book review1997308PDF Only
M'Lauchlan, James, medic 1846 - book review1997308PDF Only
Scott, William, medic 1846 - book review1997308PDF Only
Emigration to New Zealand, lists from D&G - M Morton1997309PDF Only
Greers - JC Grier19973010PDF Only
Griers - JC Grier19973010PDF Only
Grierson/Grier/Greer - JC Grier19973010PDF Only
Names, interchangeable GriersonGrier/Greer surnames in Scotland19973010PDF Only
Hampshire cruiser sinking - R McAdam19973011PDF Only
Henry, Pte Thomas Waugh, Kirkhouses, Holywood, Dumfries - R McAdam19973011PDF Only
Stewart, Lieut. Commander Francis Gordon, Shambellie, New Abbey - R McAdam19973011PDF Only
WW1, "Hampshire" sinking - R McAdam19973011PDF Only
Johnston, Alexander - R Johnston-Smith1998311PDF Only
Johnstones of Westerkirk & Westerhall/Westraw/Westeraw - R Johnston-Smith1998312PDF Only
Kirk, James, painter and photographer of Moffat area - S Crosbie1998313PDF Only
Kirk, John, sculptor of Dumfries - S Crosbie1998313PDF Only
Fairgrieve, William, gardener & soldier - book review1998314PDF Only
Military, Dumfries Militia, W Fairgrieve - book review1998314PDF Only
Military, militias, fencibles, volunteers, Scottish sources - book review1998314PDF Only
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Langholm, James Irving, slave captain, talk - S Schwarz1998315PDF Only
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Agriculture, shepherding at Moniaive, book review1998317PDF Only
Beatties of Dornock - book review1998317PDF Only
Bells of Dornock - book review1998317PDF Only
Benbuie, Moniaive, book review1998317PDF Only
Carlyles of Dornock - book review1998317PDF Only
Dornock - book review1998317PDF Only
Douglases of Dornock - book review1998317PDF Only
Genealogy maritime sources - book review1998317PDF Only
Genealogy sources, Fife - book review1998317PDF Only
Hillhead of Barndennoch, Moniaive - book review1998317PDF Only
Irvings of Dornock - book review1998317PDF Only
Johnstons of Dornock - book review1998317PDF Only
Kerr, Ellen Patterson, Moniaive, shepherding, book review1998317PDF Only
Kirkconnel - book review1998317PDF Only
Latimers of Dornock - book review1998317PDF Only
Mining, Kirkconnel - book review1998317PDF Only
Waterside Mains, Keir - book review1998317PDF Only
Burnsands, Drumlanrig - IT Millar1998318PDF Only
Kelhead, Kinmount, quarrying - IT Millar1998318PDF Only
Kinmount, Kelhead, quarrying - IT Millar1998318PDF Only
Mining, Leadhills - IT Millar1998318PDF Only
Penmans of Crawfordjohn - IT Millar1998318PDF Only
Shinnel Forge, Tynron - IT Millar1998318PDF Only
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Kent County, Ontario burials of D&G natives - M Wild19983111PDF Only
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Dobie, Mary J, Craiglea, Maxwelltown, 19011998321PDF Only
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Simpsons of Scaurbridge, Penpont, 18991998321PDF Only
Esdaile/Esdales/Eskdales - A Pye1998322PDF Only
Esdales/Esdailes/Eskdales of Nethermill, Relief, Moffat - A Pye1998322PDF Only
Eskdales/Esdailes/Esdales - A Pye1998322PDF Only
Nethermill 1735 - A Pye1998322PDF Only
Relief, Hoddom, Esdales, 1770s - A Pye1998322PDF Only
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Murdochs of Drumwhirn - A Brunton1998323PDF Only
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Duncan, Rev. Henry, talk - L Hill1998325PDF Only
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Thornhill history - book review1998327PDF Only
Trades and professions, Scottish directories - book review1998327PDF Only
Ayrshire resources - book review1998328PDF Only
Closeburn church - book review1998328PDF Only
Graves, Glasgow burial grounds - book review1998328PDF Only
Penninghame history - book review1998328PDF Only
Dallings/Dawlings in Balmaghie, letter - JW Cansdale1998329PDF Only
Dawlings/Dallings, letter - JW Cansdale1998329PDF Only
Garmorys - T Garmory19983210PDF Only
Sanquhar info - book reviews1998327&8PDF Only
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Cample, New, farm, Closeburn, Buchanites - J Crocket1998331PDF Only
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Innes, Andrew, Buchanite - J Crocket1998331PDF Only
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KOSB, 7th (Galloway) Battalion 1939-45 - book review1998336PDF Only
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Quarrying in Galloway - JR Cutland1999341PDF Only
Shipping in Galloway - JR Cutland1999341PDF Only
Smuggling in Galloway - JR Cutland1999341PDF Only
Adventure, emigrants from Kirkcudbright to New York, 1774 &17751999342PDF Only
Emigration from Kirkcudbright to New York, 1774 & 17751999342PDF Only
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McJannet, Durisdeer & W Australia, letter - J Maxwell1999344PDF Only
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Keltonhill/Rhonehouse - book review1999347PDF Only
Lochmaben, the Royal Four Towns - book review1999347PDF Only
Nithsdale, mid-, glossary of dialect words - book review1999347PDF Only
Railways of D&G - book review1999347PDF Only
Rhonehouse/Keltonhill - book review1999347PDF Only
Blacklock, Adam of Beattock, Saskatoon & Alberta 1999348PDF Only
Rae/Sharpe, Jean of Kirkpatrick-Durham 1999348PDF Only
Sharpe/Rae, Jean of Kirkpatrick-Durham1999348PDF Only
Tathill, Beattock, Blacklock1999348PDF Only
Edgar, David of Gretna, N. Ireland & Salem,US - RA Edgar19993410PDF Only
Wells, Mary of Gretna, N. Ireland & Salem,US - RA Edgar19993410PDF Only
Maxwelltown Volunteers 1900-01, photo19993411PDF Only
Malta burials19993419PDF Only
WW1, Malta graves19993419PDF Only
Countess of Galloway - JR Cutland1999351PDF Only
Ship wrecks in Galloway - JR Cutland1999351PDF Only
Shipbuilding in Galloway - JR Cutland1999351PDF Only
Shipping in Galloway Part 2 - J R Cutland1999351PDF Only
Tourism in Galloway, c19 - JR Cutland1999351PDF Only
Trade by sea in Galloway - JR Cutland1999351PDF Only
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Andrews of Ingleston, New Abbey & USA1999354PDF Only
Gatehouse - book reviews1999354PDF Only
Football, Queen of the South Museum1999355PDF Only
Genealogy sources, Moffat1999355PDF Only
Moffat sources1999355PDF Only
Queen of the South Museum1999355PDF Only
Barneil, New Luce - HS McCallum1999356PDF Only
Blacks of Colvend & Palnackie1999356PDF Only
McQuistin, James of Barneil - HS McCallum1999356PDF Only
New Luce - HS McCallum1999356PDF Only
Peddlers in New Luce - HS McCallum1999356PDF Only
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Wilsons of Colvend & Palnackie1999356PDF Only
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Sorbie bible19993511PDF Only
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Emigration - book review1999365PDF Only
Moniaive - book review1999365PDF Only
Motor industry in Dumfries - book review1999365PDF Only
Shipping, Kirkcudbright Co. 1811-17 - book review1999365PDF Only
Sources, Scottish life - book review1999365PDF Only
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Hood, Jane, Beeswing - M Bryson1999369PDF Only
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Newhouse of Loch Arthur - M Bryson1999369PDF Only
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Dardarroch, Glencairn, Haughs19993613PDF Only
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Haugh, John & William, Dardarroch, Glencairn19993613PDF Only
Royal Caledonian Schools archives19993613PDF Only
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Solway Lass - EH Robinson2000375PDF Only
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Genealogy sources, Dumfries Street Directory 18822000376PDF Only
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Sanquhar c182000378PDF Only
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Marshall, Wm, gravedigger, & Mgt, Mochrum/Thornhill & Glasgow - I Macleod20003711PDF Only
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Genealogy sources, militias in D&G 1795-1815 - L Harris20003712PDF Only
Militias in D&G 1795-1815 - L Harris20003712PDF Only
Buittle website info20003713PDF Only
Barnbarroch, Dalbeattie, talk - T Henderson2000381PDF Only
Brick/tile works, Dalbeattie, talk - T Henderson2000381PDF Only
Dalbeattie, talk - T Henderson2000381PDF Only
Mills, Dalbeattie, bobbin, grain, fertiliser, paper, corn, timber, talk - T Henderson2000381PDF Only
Quarrying, Dalbeattie, talk - T Henderson2000381PDF Only
Shennan Creek, Dalbeattie, talk - T Henderson2000381PDF Only
Auchencairn - book review2000383PDF Only
Ewes Valley - book review2000383PDF Only
Southerness - book review2000383PDF Only
Twynholm - book review2000383PDF Only
Hawker, Annie, Moffat - book review2000384PDF Only
Johnston, Lt. Col. George 1764-1823 - book review2000384PDF Only
Lorrain, William & Walter - book review2000384PDF Only
Oakwoodhill, Canonbie - book review2000384PDF Only
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Genealogy sources, doctors' obituaries, Canada - N Waugh20003811PDF Only
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Sloan, Blair, merchant, Dalry, letter - D Heath20003811PDF Only
Cairn Valley Light Railway - J Crocket2000391PDF Only
Dunscore Library - J Crocket2000391PDF Only
Harkness, John, tailor, Dunscore - J Crocket2000391PDF Only
Pagan, Robert, butcher, Dunscore - J Crocket2000391PDF Only
Railways of D&G, Cairn Valley - J Crocket2000391PDF Only
Jardine, Frank & Alexander of Applegirth & Cape York 2000392PDF Only
Sana Solia, Princess of Samoa2000392PDF Only
Hightae School 1912, photo2000395PDF Only
Clarebrand - book review2000396PDF Only
Covenanting, Scotland - book review2000396PDF Only
Princess Victoria - book review2000396PDF Only
Stranraer - boook reviews2000396PDF Only
Cairnryan Military Railway - book review2000397PDF Only
Griersons of Priestside, Ruthwell - book review2000397PDF Only
Priestside, Ruthwell - book review2000397PDF Only
Railways of D&G, Cairnryan Military - book review2000397PDF Only
WW2, Cairnryan Military railway - book review2000397PDF Only
Cowan, Barbara of High Anwoth2000398PDF Only
Houston, Samuel of High Anwoth2000398PDF Only
Kirkgunzeon, some Kirk Session Notes 2000398PDF Only
Cape, Mary of Carlisle - LH Harris2000399PDF Only
Cave, Charles Samuel - LH Harris2000399PDF Only
Crime, bigamy, CS Cave, Springfield - LH Harris2000399PDF Only
Marriages, irregular, Springfield - LH Harris2000399PDF Only
McTaggart, John, Gallovidian Encyclopedia20003910PDF Only
Names/language, McTaggart's Encyclopedia20003910PDF Only
Sources, wills & testaments + other NAS records20003911PDF Only
WW2, Stranraer - book review2000396 & 7PDF Only
Maps, Taylor & Skinner2001401PDF Only
Abbeys, chapels etc. in Galloway - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Barncrosh chapel - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Crossmichael, Templars - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Crystal Chapel, Dumfries - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Dalry - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Glenlochar Abbey - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Glenluce Abbey - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Holywood Abbey - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Jerusalem Fey/Park - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Knights, Templar & Hospitaller in Galloway - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Spittal Croft of Craichmore - A Penman2001402PDF Only
St Lawrence's Chapel, Fairgirth, Colvend - A Penman2001402PDF Only
St Lawrence's Croft, Kirkcudbright - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Stoneykirk - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Temple Land, Stranraer - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Tongland Abbey - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Whithorn - A Penman2001402PDF Only
Armstrong, Matthew & Andrew, b 1829 & 1831 - W Thomas2001404PDF Only
Brown, Niven, b1824 - W Thomas2001404PDF Only
Campbell, James, draper - W Thomas2001404PDF Only
Drapers, Scotch - W Thomas2001404PDF Only
Jolly, James, b 1834 - W Thomas2001404PDF Only
McKeand, John, Alexander & Andrew b 1814, 1819 & 1817 - W Thomas2001404PDF Only
Sloan, Robert, b 1849 - W Thomas2001404PDF Only
Marriages, irregular, Queen's Head, Springfield, photo2001405PDF Only
Sources, Public Records Office, KOSB in WWI - B O'Hara2001406PDF Only
Sources in Stewartry Museum, talk - D Devereux2001407PDF Only
Stewartry Museum, talk - D Devereux2001407PDF Only
Crocketford - book review2001409PDF Only
Secession churches in Scotland - book review2001409PDF Only
Mains Farm, Lochmaben, 1844 - I Porter 20014010PDF Only
Rogerson, John b 1837 of Lochmaben & US, wood carver - I Porter20014010PDF Only
Sources, Old Kirkcudbright, website20014015PDF Only
Sources, Scots in England & Wales in 185120014015PDF Only
Borthwick, draper, Kirkpatrick Juxta & Bristol, letter - A H Dinwoodie2001411Available
Mears & Stainbank, Founders, Whiechapel, London - I Moir2001411Available
Sheuchan Church bell & history - I Moir2001411Available
Whyte, Isabella & John, Stranraer - I Moir2001411Available
Bristol, drapers, letters - A H Dinwoodie & I Thomas2001413Available
Dinwoodie, draper, Wamphray & Bristol, letter - A H Dinwoodie2001413Available
Drapers - A H Dinwoodie2001413Available
Drapers, Assoc of Scotch & Scotch Credit Drapery Trade, letter - I Thomas2001413Available
Chapmen tec - I Macleod2001414Available
Dealers, travelling etc. - I Macleod2001414Available
Drapers, travelling etc - I Macleod2001414Available
Hawkers - I Macleod2001414Available
Packmen etc. - I Macleod2001414Available
Pedlars etc. - I Macleod2001414Available
Plaids - I Macleod2001414Available
Mining, Wanlockhead - C Gregg2001417Available
Poets, Wanlockhead - C Gregg2001417Available
Prospectors, Wanlockhead - C Gregg2001417Available
Wanlockhead, prospectors, miners, poets - C Gregg2001417Available
Dean of Guild Court, talk - D Urquhart2001419Available
Trades Guild, talk - D Urquhart2001419Available
Maps, letter - D Fraser20014111Available
Crichton Royal Hospital - book review20014112Available
Clockmakers of SW Scotland - book review20014113Available
Dalbeattie granite industry - book review20014113Available
Granite industry, Dalbeattie - book review20014113Available
Watchmakers of SW Scotland - book review20014113Available
Gatehouse, Rbt T Walker20014119Available
Walker, Robert T, Gatehouse & Texas 20014119Available
Blackcraigs leadmines - H Bell & A Penman2001421Available
Mining, lead, Blackcraigs - H Bell & A Penman2001421Available
Calder, Hugh's Band, photo2001423Available
Genealogy research in England, talk - D Muir2001424Available
Sanquhar, talk - D Close2001425Available
Influenza Epidemic 1836-7, letter - R Callander2001427Available
Murdoch, H C of Dalbeattie & Canada, letter - M Aitken2001427Available
Borgue - book review2001428Available
Colvend&Southwick - book review2001428Available
Faeds - book review2001428Available
Lochmaben history - book review2001428Available
Cairn Valley Light Railway - book review2001429Available
Golf, Moffat club - book review2001429Available
Gypsies, Scottish and other travellers - book review2001429Available
McDowalls - book review2001429Available
Moffat golf club - book review2001429Available
Quarrying, granite, Dalbeattie - book review2001429Available
Quarrying, sandstone ,Dumfriesshire - book review2001429Available
Rhins place names - book review2001429Available
Sandstone heritage in Dumfriesshire - book review2001429Available
Travellers, Scottish and gypsies - book review2001429Available
MacMillan, Rbt, letter - P Cairns20014210Available
Sheuchan Church bell & history, letter - I Moir20014210Available
Smith, Eaglesfield, talk - A Richardson20014211Available
Hawkers from Dumfries, letter - B Wright20014212Available
Creighton, John, Kirkmahoe, 187220014213Available
Foot & mouth disease, 187220014213Available
Quarrelwood, Kirkmahoe, Creighton 187220014213Available
Covenanters - M Aitken2002431Available
Covens - M Aitken2002431Available
Witches - M Aitken2002431Available
Sibbalds of Kirkcudbright & Liverpool - A Moss2002435Available
Censuses, age discrepancies, McMillans of Newton Stewart, letter - J D McLay2002436Available
Censuses, enumerator errors, Laverie/Laurie, letter - D Laverie2002436Available
Genealogy research in England, letter - J Woodger2002436Available
Laurie/Laverie, census errors, letter - D Laverie2002436Available
Laverie/Laurie, census errors, letter - D Laverie2002436Available
McMillans of Newton Stewart, letter - JD McLay2002436Available
Blackcraig lead mines, letter - E Pate2002437Available
Drapers, McMurdo, letter - M Collins2002437Available
McMurdo, letter - M Collins2002437Available
Mining, Blackcraig, letter - E Pate2002437Available
Irish ancestors, tracing, talk - C Kelly2002438Available
Dalbeattie history - video review2002439Available
Prince Edward Island's Scottish pioneers - book review2002439Available
Faed, John - D Steel20024311Available
Marriage, advertising for a partner - I Macleod20024313Available
Accidents & Disasters, Quintinshill rail disaster, WWI - J Gair2002441Available
Quintinshill rail disaster, WWI - J Gair2002441Available
Rail disaster, Quintinshill - J Gair2002441Available
WW1, Quintinshill rail disaster - J Gair2002441Available
Iron working, Neilson - J Cutland2002446Available
Neilson, JB, hot blast - J Cutland2002446Available
Queenshill, Neilson - J Cutland2002446Available
Dunscore, Rev Gilchrist - J Crocket2002448Available
Gilchrist, Rev J - J Crocket2002448Available
McColms - A McColm20024410Available
Amisfield - A M T Maxwell-Irving2002451Available
Charteris - A M T Maxwell-Irving2002451Available
Maps, Crawford's of Dumfriesshire2002452Available
McColms, letter - J Little2002453Available
Neilson, JB, hot blast , letter - T Logan2002453Available
Witches, letter - D Whyte2002453Available
Accidents & Disasters, Quintinshill rail, letters2002454Available
Quintinshill rail disaster, letters2002454Available
Rail disaster, letters2002454Available
WW1, Quintinshill rail disaster, letters2002454Available
Accidents & Disasters, Quintinshill rail disaster, WWI - T Coughtrie2002455Available
Quintinshill rail disaster, WWI - T Coughtrie2002455Available
Rail disaster, Quintinshill - T Coughtrie2002455Available
WW1, Quininshill rail disaster - T Coughtrie2002455Available
Annan, Bridge House2002456Available
Bridge House, Annan2002456Available
Grieve, Brigadier-General Walter - D Grieve2002458Available
Covenanters - A Stevenson20024510Available
Stevensons, covenanters - A Stevenson20024510Available
Covenanters - book review20024512Available
Midwifery, male, letter - P Pallister2003463Available
Music makers - M Wright2003466Available
Crosbies of Durisdeer - P Harrison2003468Available
Kettletonhead, Durisdeer - P Harrison2003468Available
Mills, Dumfries - C Ferguson2003471Available
Drapers, letter - C R Brown2003474Available
Shipping, letter - D Halliday2003474Available
Barnardo Boys, talk - B Kerr2003475Available
Crime, forgery, T Watling2003476Available
Forgery, T Watling2003476Available
Watling, Thomas, forger and convict artist 2003476Available
McCartney/Moyes - G McKean2003478Available
Moyes/McCartney - G McKean2003478Available
Baldoon, RAF, WW2 - book review20034710Available
Carsegowan Moss explosives factory - book review20034710Available
RAF, WW2, Baldoon - book review20034710Available
WW2, Carsegowan explosives factory - book review20034710Available
WW2, RAF station, Baldoon,Wigtown - book review20034710Available
Friars Carse - J Stoddart2003481Available
Scott, Thomas, US army 1850, letter - B&S Johnstone2003483Available
Borland/Burland/Bourland - J C Borland2003484Available
Bourland/Burland/Borland - J C Borland2003484Available
Burland/Bourland/ Borland - JC Borland2003484Available
Scots language, some word definitions2003485Available
Stevenson, John, Wigtownshire - JM Bragg2003486Available
McMichan, James Black of Balmae - S Rand2003487Available
Gibson, David of Auchencairn, journal - book review20034810Available
Garmorie, James, miller - T Garmory20034813Available
Mills, Dumfries, James Garmorie - T Garmory20034813Available
Phillips, William of Summerville & Jamaica - R Tully2004491Available
Plantations, Jamaica, Phillips of Summerville - R Tully2004491Available
Summerville House - R Tully2004491Available
Johnstons of Stewartry & Wigtownshire - M Johnston2004495Available
Johnstone, William - A Johnstone2004497Available
McMicking, Thomas of New Luce & Stainford, Canada20044910Available
Thomson, Joseph, Explorer, Penpont, talk - B & M Goodyear20044911Available
WW2 in D and G, secret war effort - book review20044914Available
Hawkins, Susannah, poetess, Relief, Hoddom - R Anderson2004501Available
Relief, Hoddom, Hawkins family - R Anderson2004501Available
McKeachie, John, miller - C Ferguson2004503Available
Mills, Dumfries - C Ferguson2004503Available
Murray, John, Gretna "priest", letter - J Reay2004504Available
Barbadoes Villa, Wigtown, talk - D Brewster2004506Available
Wigtown families and properties, talk - D brewster2004506Available
Lighthouses, J Stevenson - B Stevenson2004507Available
Stevenson, James, lighthouse keeper - B Stevenson2004507Available
Covenanting memorials2004509Available
Sturrock, AR, RSA - book review20045010Available
Drapers, talk - I McLeod20045011Available
Tea dealers, travelling, talk - I McLeod20045011Available
Agricultural shows, Kirkmaiden - J McColm2004511Available
Kirkmaiden Agricultural Show - J McColm2004511Available
Jardine, Jane of Newbie2004513Available
Eskdale, John of Thornhill and Canada, fireman2004515Available
Callie, David, horse trader, Waterloo - I Porter2004517Available
Horse traders, D Callie - I Porter2004517Available
Waterloo, D Callie - I Porter2004517Available
Grieves of Kirkpatrick- Durham and Moscow - L Chapman20045110Available
Minnydow, Kirkpatrick-Durham - L Chapman20045110Available
Mounsey, James - L Chapman20045110Available
Langholm - book review20045112Available
Carsphairn area schools, talk - A Campbell20045115Available
Schools, Carsphairn area, talk - A Campbell20045115Available
Cove, Kirkpatrick-Fleming - E Miller2005521Available
Lochanhead - E Miller2005521Available
Miller family, Cove - E Miller2005521Available
Quarrying, Cove &Auchenlea - E Miller2005521Available
Railway workers, W Miller - E Miller2005521Available
WW1, munitions workers, Gretna - E Miller2005521Available
Walls, Edward - M Moffat20055210Available
Ewarts of Mulloch - E J Dye20055212Available
Stevenson of Galloway - A Stevenson20055213Available
Wilson, Agnes, Dumfries, Bolton & Bognor - V Smith20055214Available
Brown, Dumfriesshire family of railway workers - C Brown2005531Available
Railway workers, Browns of Dumfriesshire - C Brown2005531Available
Military, Volunteer Movement, Newton Stewart - A G Boyd2005536Available
Walsh, Thomas, soldier, Newton Stewart - A G Boyd2005536Available
Dougan, Willie Part 1 - B Dougan2005539Available
Railway workers, Paddy Line, Willie Dougan Part 1 - B Dougan2005539Available
Johnston/es of Glenkens - book review20055310Available
Johnstons of Glenkens - M Johnston20055312Available
Ayrshire resources, talk - A Geddes20055314Available
Mitchell Library resources, talk - I O'Brien20055315Available
Smuggling, D and G, c18, talk - F Wilkins20055319Available
Cycling, Kirkpatrick family businesses, Dumfries 2005541Available
Kirkpartick cycle businesses, Dumfries2005541Available
Waterloo Works, cycle works, Dumfries - 2005541Available
Vernons, Newton Stewart - I Porter2005544Available
Dougan, Willie Part 2 - B Dougan2005545Available
Railway workers, Paddy Line, Willie Dougan Part 2 - B Dougan2005545Available
Swan, Capt Robert of Dalbeattie 2005547Available
Zinita barque2005547Available
Cargrogo, Balmaclellan - M Johnston2005549Available
Ironmacannie, Balmaclellan - M Johnston2005549Available
Johnstons of Glenkens - M Johnston2005549Available
Railway history, Portpatrick - book review20055414Available
McCulloch, John Herries, journalist - E Drew20055415Available
Carsphairn, talk - A Campbell20055418Available
Mining, lead, Woodhead, Carsphairn, talk - A Campbell20055418Available
Maps, talk - D Webster20055420Available
Gravestone carvings, talk - G Thomson20055421Available
Military, Scottish Borders Militia, c19 - R W Weir20055423Available
Militia, Scottish Borders, c19 - R W Weir20055423Available
Spence, Private Edward VC - R W Weir20055423Available
Carruthers, Springkell Estate - R Thomson2006551Available
Springkell Estate - R Thomson2006551Available
McMichan, James Black - D Jackson2006558Available
Mitchell, Mary - D Jackson2006558Available
English Street, Dumfries, traders, letter - S Turner2006559Available
MacQueens/Turners, letter - S Turner2006559Available
Turners/MacQueens, letter - S Turner2006559Available
Geddes, George of New Galloway20065511Available
McCrackens - book review20065513Available
Spowarts - book review20065513Available
Dalbeattie Parish Church - book review20065514Available
Skerry family, letter - L Pate20065514Available
Shipping, Kirkcudbright, talk - D Collin20065518Available
Chalmers of Wigtownshire - N B Finch20065520Available
Crimes, playing on Sabbath20065520Available
Eadie, James 187020065520Available
Foley, John 187020065520Available
Pettigrew, Hugh Allison - B Dougan20065523Available
Railway workers, Hugh Pettigrew - B Dougan20065523Available
Garmorys - T Garmory2006561Available
Maps, Ainslie of Stewartry - D Webster2006566Available
McMillans of Durisdeer - G McMillan2006569Available
Coronation procession, Langholm - B Dougan20065611Available
Geddes family - A Geddes & G Ramsay20065611Available
Langholm, coronation procession - B Dougan20065611Available
Allicocke, London wine trader - book review20065613Available
Douglas, James of Orchardton, Almorness, Netherlaw, CD - book review20065613Available
Gravestone preservation - book review20065613Available
Boat-building on Solway - book review20065615Available
Fishing on Solway - book review20065615Available
McCormack, William & Sons Ltd - book review20065616Available
WW1, Kirkcudbright roll of honour - book review20065616Available
Agriculture, owning & working the land in Galloway pre-1914, talk - R Campbell20065617Available
Bowers, agriculture in Galloway pre-1914 - R Campbell20065617Available
Anderson, Mgt, Morton, letter - A Wiggins20065621Available
Johnstones of Closeburn, Morton and NZ, letter - A Wiggins20065621Available
Dundrennan/Monkland/M'ton/Rerr/wick Parish, letter&ed note - MED Chapman20065622Available
Monkland/M'ton/Rerr/wick/Dundrennan Parish, letter& ed note - MED Chapman20065622Available
Monkton/M'land/Rerr/wick/Dundrennan Parish, letter&ed note - MED Chapman20065622Available
Rerr/wick/Monkton/M'land/Dundrennan Parish, letter&ed note - MED Chapman20065622Available
Bathgates of Dumfries - R Thomson20065624Available
Tailoresses of Dumfries - R Thomson20065624Available
Police - JJM Gillespie2006571Available
Scott, Albert, policeman of Irongray, Ed'b, Durham & Luton - JJM Gillespie2006571Available
Tug o' War - JJM Gillespie2006571Available
Tinwald, c18, sources - D Adamson2006578Available
Agricultural machinery, binders, c192006579Available
Fencible regiments, list of billeting townspeople, 1780 - I A McClumpha20065710Available
Military, fencible regiments, list of billeting townspeople, 1780 - I A McClumpha20065710Available
Diroms of Mount Annan - book review20065713Available
American Civil War, how it was reported & viewed in D&G, talk - I Macleod20065714Available
Medicine, country doctors in D&G, talk - M Williams20065717Available
Crime, Cumnock police20065722Available
Cumnock police20065722Available
Police, Cumnock20065722Available
Ross, John, explorer20065722Available
Agriculture, bowers, cheesemaking etc. - J Stoddart20065723Available
Bowers, agriculture in Galloway pre-1914 - J Stoddart20065723Available
Cheesemaking - J Stoddart20065723Available
Wilson, James - J Stoddart20065723Available
Killiemore, Penninghame - D Sutherland2007581Available
McNaughts, Wigtownshire - D Sutherland2007581Available
Walker family, Wigtownshire - D Sutherland2007581Available
Yates family, Wigtownshire - D Sutherland2007581Available
Hamiltons, letter - M Cherry2007587Available
Caerlaverock, existence of in Kirkcudbrightshire?, letter - RC Callandar2007588Available
Campbell in Kirkcudbrightshire, letter - RC Callandar2007588Available
Dunlops, Newton Stewart - A Leask20075810Available
Bowers - K Shields20075812Available
Bowers - R Brown20075813Available
Browns of Johnstone parish, Wigtownshire, Ayrshire - R Brown20075813Available
Agriculture c19, book review20075815Available
Andersons, book review20075815Available
Armstrongs, book review20075815Available
Castleton, Borders, book review20075815Available
Corsons, book review20075815Available
Drapers, book review20075815Available
Durisdeer, book review20075815Available
McCheynes, book review20075815Available
McKays, book review20075815Available
Nichols, book review20075815Available
Transport c19, book review20075815Available
Galloway life, book review20075816Available
Genealogy sources, book review20075816Available
Dougans of Garlieston and Canada20075817Available
Leadhills, talk - D Close20075819Available
Mining, Wanlockhead & Leadhills, talk - D Close20075819Available
Wanlockhead, talk - D Close20075819Available
Sprott, John of Stoneykirk & Nova Scotia, talk - I Macleod20075821Available
Flax growers list 179620075823Available
Genealogy sources, Ireland, flax20075823Available
McIlwrick, Wigtownshire & Victoria - B Wilson20075823Available
Nixons - AN Gordon2007591Available
Railway workers - AN Gordon2007591Available
Railways, Solway viaduct, Caledonian Railway - AN Gordon2007591Available
McTurk, Dr William - MG Johnston2007594Available
McTurks of Kirkcudbright & Ayrshire - MG Johnston2007594Available
Wights of Kirkcudbrightshire - MG Johnston2007594Available
Coursing in Glenkens - A Campbell2007595Available
Glenkens, sport - A Campbell2007595Available
Miller, Patrick of Dalswinton, talk - M Williams2007596Available
Guid Nychburris - L Derrick2007598Available
Piries - L Derrick2007598Available
Genealogy sources, NLS, talk - J McFarlane20075912Available
Emigration from Annandale, book review20075915Available
Corries of Kirkmahoe - N Ross20075916Available
Annan Old Parish Church Session Minutes, book review20075922Available
Blackcraig, mining, talk - A Shankland20075922Available
Mining, Blackcraig, talk - A Shankland20075922Available
Orr family,book review20075923Available
Shipping, Kirkcudbright, book review20075923Available
McClauchrie, John 1753 - D Adamson20075924Available
Meikle Culloch, 1753 - D Adamson20075924Available
Tarscrechan Farm 1753 - D Adamson20075924Available
Wilson, Margaret 1753 - D Adamson20075924Available
Witchcraft - D Adamson20075924Available
Covenanting - BJ Orr20075918 & 22Available
Sport in Glenkens - A Campbell2007595 & 10Available
Chester - N Lawson2007601Available
Disappointment Island, NZ - N Lawson2007601Available
Dundonald - N Lawson2007601Available
Eyre, Charles, able seaman - N Lawson2007601Available
Thorburn, Capt John of Castle Douglas - N Lawson2007601Available
Genealogy, sources in the Colonies - R Shennan2007603Available
Shennans of Kirkgunzeon - R Shennan2007603Available
Sproats of Borgue - R Shennan2007603Available
Penmans - A Penman2007607Available
McMurdo, John, mariner - J&K McMurdo2007609Available
Hall, William Henry - AB Hall20076011Available
Roman milestone, France - AB Hall20076011Available
Maps useful for genealogy20076012Available
Drapers, Scotch in Wales - I Macleod20076013Available
Tea dealers, Scotch in Wales - I Macleod20076013Available
Jardines of Dumfriesshire - V Jardine20076015Available
Slave trade, D & G link, book review20076016Available
Romes of Annan & New York - R Anderson20076017Available
Grierson of Lag, talk - W Crawford20076020Available
McTurks of Carsphairn - BS McTurk & MG Johnston20076023Available
Bryden, John of Pennersaughsnr Ecclefechan & Philadelphia 20076025Available
Census Dumfries 1881 missing data - J Jardine20076026Available
McCulloch/McKie, Agnes, Wigtownshire & Canada - L Watson20076027Available
McKie/McCulloch, Agnes, Wigtownshire & Canada - L Watson20076027Available
Kirkcudbrightshire police - A Etchells2008611One Left
Police, Kirkcudbrightshire - A Etchells2008611One Left
DNA, Magic of - MG Johnston2008613One Left
Murrays, Lost - S Beale2008615One Left
Diaspora, Galloway, talk2008616One Left
Galloway Diaspora, talk2008616One Left
Aitchison in Canonbie - P Wigmore2008617One Left
Canonbie, Aitchison in - P Wigmore2008617One Left
Gordons - K Gordon2008619One Left
Carruthers from Guillyburn - I Carruthers20086115One Left
Guillyburn, Carruthres from - Ian Carruthers20086115One Left
McCubbin, George, Penpont - D McCubbin20086118One Left
Penpont, McCubbin of - G McCubbin20086118One Left
Carsphairn, murder in - A Campbell20086120One Left
Murder in Carsphairn - A Campbell20086120One Left
Leswalt, Parkers from - A Thomas20086122One Left
Parkers from Leswalt - A Thomas20086122One Left
Bell DNA Project - C Nelson20086124One Left
DNA, Bell Project - C Nelson20086124One Left
Football team photo - M Campbell2008621Available
Archives, D and G, talk - G Roberts2008622Available
Chapmen, Scotch in England - C Renshaw2008623Available
Chapmen, Scotch in England - C Renshaw2008623Available
Semple, William (Stranraer-Melbourne) - B Wilson2008627Available
Traynor Reunion - RM Meyer & D Desrochers20086210Available
Russell, John, Shieldhill - M McGregor20086212Available
Shieldhill, J Russell of - M McGregor20086212Available
Admirable Crichton, the real - R Crichton20086213Available
Crichton, the real Admirable - R Crichton20086213Available
Stobo, Sarah's letters, part 1 - J Fyfe20086215Available
Beattie, DNA request20086217Available
DNA, Beattie request20086217Available
Arrol-Johnston, talk - N Lawson20086219Available
Dalrymple from Moniaive - I Williams20086221Available
Moniaive, Dalrymple from - I Williams20086221Available
Lindsay, Mary - M Williams2008633Available
Tongland scandal Part 1 - J L Gordon2008637Available
Moffats from Dumfries - J Parker20086310Available
Customs, funeral - J Stoddart20086312Available
Funeral customs - J Stoddart20086312Available
Stobo, Sarah's letters, part 2 - J Fyfe20086313Available
Smith, Andrew 1799-186120086317Available
Kirkcudbright Poorhouse, talk - R Finnie20086318Available
Poorhouse, Kirkcudbright, talk - R Finnie20086318Available
Stewart, Harriet, lost wife - A Golden20086319Available
McMinn, Samuel 1738-181920086320Available
Merchants, Scotch - C Renshaw20086321Available
Scotch merchants - C Renshaw20086321Available
McKend, Robert, chauffeur - S Jackson2009641Available
Houstons, unlucky - A Rose2009643Available
Carruthers', John, secret - G Smith2009645Available
Waterloo - I Thomas2009647Available
Smith, William George - T Gidman2009649Available
Chapmen, Scotch in England - C Renshaw20096411Available
Scotch Chapmen in England - C Renshaw20096411Available
Kerr, William, baker - J Ellis20096415Available
Army Deserters - I MacLeod20096417Available
Deserters, army - I MacLeod20096417Available
Stobo, Sarah's letters, part 3 - J Fyfe20096420Available
Poor Law, Scottish, talk - I O'Brien2009654Available
Scottish Poor Law, talk - I O'Brien2009654Available
Cameronian, old2009656Available
Maxwell, Sir H, letters to H McMaster - J Hunter2009656Available
McMaster, H letters from Sir H Maxwell - J Hunter2009656Available
McMillan, Robert, Old Cameronian2009656Available
Carter family - S Gaskell2009657Available
Catholic archives, talk - A Nicoll2009658Available
McLaurin Dugald - P Brown2009659Available
McGill policemen, Stewartry - M Beale20096511Available
Policemen, McGills, Stewartry - M Beale20096511Available
Wilson, gravestone - I Gow20096513Available
Heron R - N Ross20096517Available
Stobo, Sarah's letters, part 4 - J Fyfe20096519Available
Burns, Thomas, WW1 - J Trotter20096521Available
Trotter, Daniel, WW1 - J Trotter20096521Available
Kain, Alex, Shawhead - M Matthews2009661Available
Shawhead, Alex Kain - M Matthews2009661Available
Cumbria archives2009664Available
Tongland scandal Part 2 - J L Gordon2009665Available
McRobert, John, fireraiser - Glasgow Herald 18522009668Available
Veno Sir William - P Parker and S Jackson2009669Available
Moffat,James - D Moffat20096611Available
Mitchell, John, Collector - L Crofts20096613Available
Broadfoots - J Epps20096615Available
Stobo, Sarah's letters, part 5 - J Fyfe20096618Available
Timney, Mary, death - I M20096620Available
Sharp, Marion - P Smith20096621Available
Moffat, William - R Shaw2010671Available
Shannons - B Shannon2010673Available
Stranraer church group, photo - R Bonner2010676Available
Murdoch, Rev Alexander - J Gordon2010677Available
Lindsay, RBL, schoolmaster, Loaningft - C Wibberley20106710Available
Loaningfoot, Lindsay, schoolmaster - C Wibberley20106710Available
ID cards, 1939 released20106712Available
Stobo, Sarah's letters, part 6 - J Fyfe20106713Available
Apprentices, their lot - I MacLeod20106715Available
Cholera in Dumfries - M Urquhart20106717Available
Duncan, Rev Henry - R Anderson20106720Available
Bell, Christina, query - L Reid20106722Available
Armstrong, William, culpable homicide - I MacLeod20106724Available
Farries, culpable homicide - I MacLeod20106724Available
Provost Oats porringer - I T Millar2010681Available
Diaspora/migration, talk - L Carmichael2010683Available
Migration/diaspora, talk - L Carmichael2010683Available
Colonial newspaper sources - R Shennan2010685Available
Newspaper, colonial, sources - R Shennan2010685Available
Belgium, refugees from - M Maxwell2010686Available
Refugees from Belgium - M Maxwell2010686Available
Stobo, Sarah's letters, part 7 - J Fyfe2010689Available
Lindsay, RBL, schoolmaster, Loaningft - C Wibberley20106810Available
Loaningfoot, Lindsay, schoolmaster - C Wibberley20106810Available
Dillons (army family) - M Smith20106811Available
Dalbeattie, law enforcement - M Beale20106817Available
Law enforcement in Dalbeattie - M Beale20106817Available
Ferguslie worker killed, Portpatrick - S Rankine20106821Available
Portpatrick, Ferguslie worker killed - S Rankine20106821Available
Armstrong, Andrew, sheep stealer - I MacLeod20106823Available
Wilsons at war - S Wilson2010691Available
Gatehouse, Hume Robert of - S Beale2010695Available
Hume, Robert, Gatehouse - S Beale2010695Available
Charlesworth, Violet - I MacLeod2010697Available
Moffat, William and Janet - D Moffat2010699Available
Greyfriars Church - A Crosbie20106910Available
KOSB, WW1, talk - S Wilson20106913Available
Stobo, Sarah's letters, part 8 - J Fyfe20106915Available
Borgue parish - J Stoddart20106917Available
Milligan, James Harrison, diary of - IM20106919Available
Grierson, William Robson, photo - IM2011701Available
Covenanters, talk - D Love2011703Available
Birchman, JE, Machars MIs2011705Available
Machars Mis, Birchman, JE2011705Available
Cron pauper inherits a fortune - I MacLeod2011707Available
Leinster, RMS - K Morrison20117011Available
RMS Leinster - K Morrison20117011Available
Kirkcudbright Sheriff Court deeds - J Gordon20117013Available
Theatre Royal - M Urquhart20117015Available
Littles, a sad story - JM Neilson20117018Available
Lockerbie, Richardsons of - J Johnston20117019Available
Richardsons of Lockerbie - J Johnston20117019Available
Admiral Court of Logan - J Isard-Brown20117021Available
Barascroft Farm 1904, photo - K Paterson2011711Available
Dempsters - B Thompson2011713Available
Retours and Testaments, talk - B Durie2011716Available
Testaments and Retours, talk - B Durie2011716Available
Johnstone, Dr Robert, Moffat 1700s - M Ritchie 2011717Available
Moffat, Johnstone, Dr R, 1700s - M Ritchie2011717Available
Glasserton, Kirkyard, Threlfall in - JE Birchman2011718Available
Threlfall in Glasserton Kirkyard - JE Birchman2011718Available
Military ancestors, researching - P Goodwin20117110Available
WW1 soldiers from D and G - E Adamson20117112Available
Village Line (ships) - AB Hall20117113Available
Bergenstein, Rebecca - E Hogg20117115Available
Dalbeattie Museum, visit20117115Available
Rae, Rev Peter, talk - G Roberts20117119Available
Migration/trading abroad - M Matthews20117120Available
Trading abroad/migration - M Matthews20117120Available
Titanic, review of Y Hume's book - S Bain20117122Available
Grant, Dr Jean Helen - K Morrison20117124Available
Bie, Capt John, Colvend, photo - Dalbeattie Museum2011721Available
Gravestones, their meanings - S Pittendreigh2011723Available
Porteous, James, Miller, Annandale - D Shepherd2011724Available
Blue Mountains, Parkers from Galloway - J Parker2011726Available
Parkers, from Galloway to Blue Mountains - J Parker2011726Available
Kirkcudbright Burgh Court records - D Devereux2011728Available
Hair family of Dumfries - MJ Head20117210Available
Bergenstein, Rebecca - I MacLeod20117211Available
Jasper (ship) - JE Birchman20117212Available
Provost Oats porringer, photo - Annan Museum20117213Available
Crichton, the other "Admirable" - R Crichton20117214Available
Archive Centre, Carlisle, visit20117215Available
Borden, Lizzie, postcards of - B Thompson20117216Available
Titanic, letter - J Trotter20117218Available
Dobbie, Rev - K Dickie20117219Available
Hope, as suffix , the word's origins - N Waugh20117221Available
Waugh, the word's origins - N Waugh20117221Available
Combe, Ltt Robert Grierson VC - I MacDonald20117222Available
Dalrymple Connection - P Dalrymple20117224Available
Milmine ancestor - M M Hailstone20117224Available
Ross, William Stewart - V Kendall2012733Available
Church Court records online2012735Available
Crosbie, Diana - A Lee2012736Available
McGauchie, Diana - A Lee2012736Available
Waldie, Diana - A Lee2012736Available
Irish resources, talk - C Paton2012739Available
Johnstone, D, Obstreperous Excursionist - C Edgar20127310Available
New Abbey, assault - C Edgar20127310Available
County Down connections - E Wickens20127312Available
Covenanter gravestone, Bangor Abbey - E Wickens20127313Available
MacClement, Covenanter, Bangor - E Wicken20127313Available
Trade symbols on gravestones - S Pittendreigh20127314Available
Stevenson, Andrew, Mediaeval priest - A Stevenson20127316Available
WDYTYA magazine - S Pittendreigh20127319Available
Archive Centre and Ewart archives, talk - G Roberts20127320Available
Cycle race medal of Peter Gordon - B Thompson20127321Available
Gordon, Peter, cycle medal - B Thompson20127321Available
Tait, Peter, Minnigaff to Tobago, Part 1 - M Tait20127322Available
Glasgow genealogy centre20127330Available
Gaudys - courtesy of G Roberts2012743Available
Douglas family from Kirkcudbright - S Gaskell2012744Available
Industrial archaeology, talk - B Wright2012746Available
Cruck Cottage - W Clow2012747Available
Hallidie, Andrew Smith, King of Cable Car - E Hogg2012747Available
Garlieston, John McKerlie - H Bolton2012748Available
McKerlie, John, Garlieston - H Bolton2012748Available
Aerated water manufacture, J Ross - V Kendall20127410Available
Ross, Joseph, aerated water man'facture - V Kendall20127410Available
Moffat, Robert Johnston - M Titterington20127412Available
Ewart, James - S Marrs20127416Available
Cameronian, Rev John Macmillan - J Canesdale20127418Available
Macmillan, Rev John, Cameronian - J Canesdale20127418Available
Census 1911, talk - K Nisbet20127419Available
Beattie, Ebenezer 1807-1865 Part 1 - M Dempsey20127420Available
Four Towns, WR Robertson' s watch - A Fairn20127421Available
Robertson, WR, Four towns, watch - A Fairn20127421Available
Tait, Peter, Minnigaff to Tobago, Part 2 - M Tait20127422Available
Craik, James, physician to G Washington - E Hogg2012753Available
Pool, John - C Casey2012754Available
Scottish Marriage index2012755Available
Auchenstroan Toll, roads to - A B Hall2012756Available
Kippford wothies - W Roberts2012758Available
Stevenson, John, priest educator - A Stevenson20127510Available
Mouswald to Nelson, NZ, Rev T D Nicholson - E Hogg20127512Available
Nicholson, Rev Thomas D, Mouswald to NZ - E Hogg20127512Available
Archives, Langholm20127515Available
Langholm Archive group20127515Available
McKill, Robert, Tobago connection - A Wood20127516Available
Tobago connection, Robert McKill - A Wood20127516Available
Stoddart, James Hastie, Ed Glasg Herald - J Stoddart20127518Available
Beattie, Ebenezer 1807-1865 Part 2 - M Dempsey20127520Available
Records for FH, top 20 pre-1855, talk - P Wadley20127522Available
Ruthwell graveyard, lost stone - S Pittendreigh20127524Available
Dicksons, Wamphrey to Kawhia - M Shearman2013763Available
Kawhia, Dicksons of Wamphrey - M Shearman2013763Available
Wamphrey to Kawhia, Dicksons - M Shearman2013763Available
Gatehouse of Fleet Part 1 - D Steel2013766Available
Dunscore war memorials, parish memories - book review2013768Available
War memorials, Dunscore - book review2013768Available
Craik, Dr James, letter to ed2013769Available
Jones, John Paul, letter to ed2013769Available
Nicholsons, letter to ed2013769Available
Paul, John (Jones), letter to ed2013769Available
Anderson, Alexander, surfaceman, poet, etc. - E Hogg20137610Available
Cuddle Doon by A Anderson - E Hogg20137610Available
Dalbeattie Museum, talk - T Henderson20137611Available
Crosbie, Samuel Murdoch - W Roberts20137612Available
Fisher, Capt. Ben DSO RN - J Wilson20137614Available
British Columbia archives images - J McQueen20137615Available
Stoddart, Jas H, Ed Glasgow Herald, Part 2 - J Stoddart20137616Available
Drugs, hospitals etc. in C18 and C19 D and G - S Hall20137620Available
Medicine, treatment etc C18 and C19 D and G - S Hall20137620Available
Moniaive, Drugs, surgeons in C18 and C19 - S Hall20137620Available
Selkirk Settlement, Winnipeg, MB, Canada - B Holland20137621Available
McBairs of Dumfriesshire - S Pittendreigh20137624Available
Neilson, Nathaniel of Jamaica & Springfield, CD Part 1 - F Neilson2013773Available
Springfield, Castle Douglas, Neilson N of Part 1 - F Neilson2013773Available
McGeorge, Agnes - T Wren2013776Available
McGuffogs, talk - T McGuffog2013777Available
Church history, talk - C Paton2013778Available
Brown J & Burnie M of Dildawn & Kirkcudbright - W S B Smith20137710Available
Burnie M & Brown J of Dildawn & Kirkcudbright - W S B Smith20137710Available
Dildawn, Brown J & Burnie M of - WSB Smith20137710Available
Richardson, Sir John - W Clow20137713Available
Gatehouse of Fleet Part 2 - D Steel20137716Available
Newspapers, talk - K Nisbet20137718Available
Carsphairn, Heritage Group Newsletter compilation20137719Available
Curling, Lochmaben Society 1823-63 - book review20137719Available
Lochmaben Curling Society 1823-63 - book review20137719Available
Cook, Rev John - J Phippen 20137720Available
Crichton Royal Hospital archives, talk - E Course20137727Available
Gourlay, Isabella - J Hicks2013783Available
Wilson, David, the inheritance Part 1 - J Stoddart2013785Available
Neilson, Nathaniel of Jamaica & Springfield, CD Part 2 - F Neilson2013788Available
Springfield, Castle Douglas, Neilson N of Part 2 - F Neilson2013788Available
Arnott, Dr Archibald - E Hogg20137810Available
Tait, Peter DCM and James - M Tait20137812Available
The Corsock Neilsons - book review20137814Available
Dumcrieff, Wamphray and the Rogersons - book review20137814Available
Craik, James - K Francis20137815Available
Stephen, Constance Mary - A Vogel20137816Available
Quatre Bras with a bicycle - A B Hall20137817Available
WW1, Quatre Bras - AB Hall20137817Available
RCAHMS, work and facilities of - A Muirden20137819Available
Grierson, Dr Cecilia - E Hogg20137820Available
Gatehouse of Fleet, Part 320137822Available
Wilsons - I Gow2014793Available
WW1 - I Gow2014793Available
Gatehouse of Fleet, Part IV - D Steel2014795Available
Wilson, David, the inheritance, Part 2 - J Stoddart2014799Available
Emigration, Dumfriesshire to NovaScotia, Part 1 - E Simpson20147912Available
Hope, James McHarg, Part I - E Welsh20147915Available
Blacksmiths, Porteous - G Porteous20147918Available
Porteous, blacksmiths - G Porteous20147918Available
English family, in Glencree - M Ball20147920Available
Glencree, English family - M Ball20147920Available
Wyllie, James, grain merchant, talk - J Sproat20147922Available
WW1 - A B Hall20147923Available
Fasti Eccles. Scot. Vol 1 Children of Fasti - book review20147924Available
Fasti Eccles. Scot. Vol 2 Bones of Empire - book review20147924Available
The Iron House, Jane Cannan & the rush to Melbourne - book review20147924Available
Curling in D & G and World Champs - B Holland20147925Available
Ross, Sir John & John C, explorers, talk - A Cairns20147925Available
WW1, talk - J Smith20147925Available
Varney, Sergeant John - S Jackson2014803Available
WW1 - S Jackson2014803Available
Law enforcement, R Smith 's execution - D Shepherd2014806Available
Smith, Robert, execution - D Shepherd2014806Available
Crockett, SR, talk - T Cowan2014807Available
Morlan, Robert, Scots Guards - K Morrison2014808Available
WW1 - K Morrison2014808Available
Drapers - I McNeil20148011Available
Hainings, drapers - I McNeil20148011Available
McNeils, drapers - I McNeil20148011Available
Garmory, Thomas McGuffog - T Garmory20148013Available
WW1 - T Garmory20148013Available
Crockett, SR - J Stoddart20148015Available
Soldiers' wills on Scotlandspeople20148017Available
Wills, soldiers, on Scotlanspeople20148017Available
Brown, Clement James of Burntishielbog - V Burton20148018Available
Burnishielbog - V Burton20148018Available
Directed to Munitions. The Broom factory, Powfoot - book review20148020Available
Stuart Family of Traquair - book review20148020Available
Trquair House, talk - CM Stuart20148021Available
Accidents & Disasters, Quintinshill, letter 20148022Available
Corrected entries record, talk - K Nisbet20148022Available
Quintinshill, letter 20148022Available
Railways, letter 20148022Available
Record of corrected entries, talk - K Nisbet20148022Available
Scottish Railway Preservation Soc, letter 20148022Available
Scotlandsplaces, talk - A Nicholl20148024Available
Cowan, William, millwright, Dalton - DS Cowan2014813Available
Dalton, William Cowan, millwright - DS Cowan2014813Available
Millwright, William Cowan of Dalton - DS Cowan2014813Available
Evictions, Kenmure Estate - W Blyth2014816Available
Kenmure Estate evictions - W Blyth2014816Available
Bear, William Robert - R Bear2014818Available
WW1 - R Bear2014818Available
Copland, John, Part 1 - B Parsons2014819Available
McIntosh, Peter - C Tomkinson20148111Available
WW1 - C Tomkinson20148111Available
Barr near Lochfoot - A McNeil20148113Available
Hainings of Barr, Lochfoot - A McNeil20148113Available
Lochfoot, Hainings of Barr - A McNeil20148113Available
Scotts of Newton Stewart - S Scott20148115Available
WW1 - S Scott20148115Available
Fees of Garlieston & Jamaica, Part 1 - V Bolton20148117Available
Garlieston,McGowans&(Mc)Fees, Part 1 - V Bolton20148117Available
Jamaica, McGowans & (Mc)Fees, Part 1 - V Bolton20148117Available
McFees of Garlieston & Jamaica, Part 1 - V Bolton20148117Available
McGowan, Garlieston & Jamaica, Part 1 - V Bolton20148117Available
Drumbeg, Torthorwald - W Clow20148119Available
Scot, James of Drumbeg, Torthorwald - W Clow20148119Available
Torthorwald, J Scot of Drumbeg - W Clow20148119Available
Dumfries Football Clubs - E Hogg20148120Available
Football, Dumfries & Maxwelltown clubs - E Hogg20148120Available
Morley, William - E Hogg20148120Available
Conchy, Miss M, wedding, Tongland 180620148122Available
Cunningham Anthony, wedding, Tongland 180620148122Available
Tongland, wedding 1806 - from D&G Standard 20148122Available
Speaking Lives, talk - A Reid20148123Available
Gatehouse, WW1 - book review20148124Available
Mackie, Jessie Heughan, letter to ed - J M Bragg20148124Available
Lochmaben, WW1 - book review20148125Available
Accidents & Disasters, Quintinshill rail disaster, WWI - A Weighill2015823Available
Quintinshill rail disaster, WWI - A Weighill2015823Available
WW1, Quintinshill rail disaster - A Weighill2015823Available
Peninsular War, heroes&heroines Part 1 - I McCleod2015826Available
Garlieston,McGowans Part 2 - V Bolton2015829Available
Jamaica, McGowans Part 2 - V Bolton2015829Available
McGowan, Garlieston & Jamaica, Part 2 - V Bolton2015829Available
Beattock, Porteous, blacksmith, petrol stn - G Porteous20158211Available
Blacksmiths, Porteous - G Porteous20158211Available
Petrol Station, Beattock, Porteous - G Porteous20158211Available
Porteous of Beattock, blacksmiths, petrol stn - G Porteous20158211Available
Commercial/County Hotel, Dumfries, Copland - B Parsons20158212Available
Copland, John, Part 2 - B Parsons20158212Available
County/Commercial Hotel, Dumfries, Copland - B Parsons20158212Available
Shanklands - M Gow20158214Available
Brydon, Robert&Matilda (Mackenzie) - S Coles20158216Available
Quatre Bras, Waterloo soldiers - A B Hall20158219Available
Waterloo soldiers - A B Hall20158219Available
Thomson, Bessie, WWI - E Hogg20158221Available
WW1, Bessie Thomson - E Hogg20158221Available
Maxwelltown Benedictine Convent School - book review20158222Available
McDowall, William - A Fairn20158223Available
Tait, Peter DCM, letter to ed - M Tait20158225Available
Bell, Annandale - A McNeil2015833Available
McNeil, Annandale - A McNeil2015833Available
McLaurin, Daniel - B Wilson2015836Available
Monumental sculptors - E Hogg2015838Available
Sculptors, monumental - E Hogg2015838Available
Bakers, Gatehouse, McGaw Part 1 - I McGaw20158311Available
Gatehouse, bakers, McGaw, Part 1 - I Mcgaw20158311Available
McGaw, Ian, baker, Gatehouse, Part 1 - I McGaw20158311Available
New Abbey, Waterloo, talk - W Holland20158313Available
Waterloo monument, talk - W Holland20158313Available
V.E. Day celebrations - M Matthews20158314Available
WW2, V.E. Day celebrations - M Matthews20158314Available
V.E. Day rejoicings in Dfs - E Hogg20158315Available
WW2, V.E. Day rejoicings in Dfs - E Hogg20158315Available
Closeburn, Wallace Hall Academy - L Mackie20158317Available
Wallace Hall Academy, Closeburn - L Mackie20158317Available
Murray, James RN - book review20158319Available
Auctioneering, talk - S Thomson20158321Available
Maxwell James Clark, talk - F Toolis20158321Available
Martinique, John F Torry - M Wright20158322Available
Torry, John F, Martinique - M Wright20158322Available
Battle of Loos, W McM Chalmers of Drummore - M Carmont2015843Available
Chalmers, Wm McMillan & Alexander of Drummore, Battle of Loos -M Carmont2015843Available
Harcourt, Victoria, McLaurin & Williamson - B Wilson2015846Available
McLaurin, Daniel of Harcourt, Victoria, Part 2 - B Wilson2015846Available
Williamson, James of Bombie, Bank of Scotland, Victoria - B Wilson2015846Available
Moffats' history - E Seggie2015848Available
Keir Mill- A Nicholls2015849Available
Kirkpatrick, Agnes, Mary C, Janet, Alexander, Elizabeth, Thos of Keir - A Nicholls2015849Available
Boyd, Samuel 1818-1889, draper, Marchmount House & Fontainbleau, Dfs - J Lute20158411Available
Fontainbleau, Dfs - J Lute20158411Available
Jardine, Jane of Jardine Matheson Co. - J Lute20158411Available
Marchmount House, Dfs - J Lute20158411Available
Varney, John 1889-1977, of Kelton, CD, Beattock & Kirkmichael - S Jackson20158413Available
Covenanters, Lochenkit - M Matthews20158415Available
Lochenkitt, Covenanters - M Matthews20158415Available
Blacklock, John, b 1824 Lochmaben, timber merchant, Dfs & Caerlaverock - E Hogg20158418Available
Clint, Thomas, Vintner, d1796, of Dfs & Carlingwark - I Macleod20158420Available
Bardsley, Margaret of Middlbie 1881 - I Lunn20158422Available
Sagars of Springfield, handloom weavers - I Lunn20158422Available
Sources (church, land, newpapers) - book review20158424Available
Education, c17, Dumfries - L Mackie2016853Available
McQueen, James, tobacconist, stationer, newsagent, Dfs - J McQueen2016856Available
Bakers, Gatehouse, McGaw Part 2 - I McGaw2016858Available
Gatehouse, bakers, McGaw, Part 2 - I Mcgaw2016858Available
McGaw, Ian, baker, Gatehouse, Part 2 - I McGaw2016858Available
Laurie, Jim, Tynron, whisky, Willie Wilson - E Adamson2016859Available
Tynron, whisky, Jim Laurie, Willie Wilson - E Adamson2016859Available
Whisky, Tynron, Jim Laurie, Willie Wilson - E Adamson2016859Available
Wilson, Willie, Tynron, whisky, Jim Laurie - E Adamson2016859Available
Gatehouse, Victorian - D Steel20168510Available
Gentlemen's club, Dumfries, c18 - I McClumpha20168512Available
Blacklock, John, Lochmaben, timber merchant, Dfs, Caerlaverock, Richard Kirk - E Hogg20168513Available
Kirk, Richard, John Blacklock, Lochmaben, timber merchant, Dfs, Caerlaverock - E Hogg20168513Available
Military, No. 4 Company, Upper Nithsdale Rifle Volunteers, "Wet Review" - AB Hall20168516Available
Bruce, Marjorie, b1296 - M Matthews 20168518Available
Balmaclellan, Corse farm, murder of Donald McEwin, c16 - B Blyth20168521Available
Corse farm, Balmaclellan, murder of Donald McEwin, c16 - B Blyth20168521Available
Crime, murder of Donald McEwin, Corse farm, Balmaclellan, c16 - B Blyth20168521Available
McEwin, Donald, murder of, at Corse farm, Balmaclellan, c16 - B Blyth20168521Available
Balmaclellan, Old Mortality - T Cowan20168522Available
Old Mortality, Balmaclellan - T Cowan20168522Available
Armstrong, Catherine, Part 1 - J Hamilton20168523Available
Watson, Samuel of Wigtownshire, d 1885, Melbourne, letter to ed - S Swain20168526Available
Military ancestors, researching - K Nesbit2016866Available
Guid Nychburris - J Maxwell2016868Available
Dumfries Academy Pt 2 - L Mackie20168610Available
Drapers, McNeils, Hainings - A McNeil20168614Available
Hainings, drapers - A McNeil20168614Available
McNeils, drapers - A McNeil20168614Available
Maxwelltown - J Maxwell20168616Available
Maxwell, James - J Maxwell20168618Available
Crime, poaching, 1902 - newspaper cutting20168619Available
Duncan, PC Arthur - newspaper cutting20168619Available
Accidents, New Abbey lint mill, 1793 - newspaper cutting20168620Available
Macanalllie, Michael&James, crime, 1793 - newspaper cutting20168620Available
McQueen, James, tobacconist, stationer, Dfs, letter to ed - J McQueen20168620Available
McQueen, James, tobacconist, stationer, newsagent, Dfs, letter to ed - J McQueen20168620Available
Military, misdemeanours, 1793 - newspaper cutting20168620Available
New Abbey lint mill, accident, 1793 - newspaper cutting20168620Available
Railway accident, Dinwoodie, 1928 - from Railway Archives20168621Available
Railway history, 184520168621Available
Bramble harvest, 1918 - newspaper cutting20168622Available
Buccleuch St Bridge, 179120168622Available
Horse Racing, Dfs, 179220168622Available
Theatre Royal20168622Available
Scott, Willie - E Adamson20168623Available
WW1, Ractcliffe, W T, 191720168623Available
WW1, Tolfern, Herman20168623Available
Migration - J Maxwell20168624Available
Mochrum - J Ellis20168625Available
Trades, old names of20168626Available
Script, c1720168627Available
Carsethorn - S Pittendreigh2016871Available
Administration/organisation of Scotland W Holland2016874Available
Parishes - W Holland2016874Available
Cavens of Castlehacket, Tuam - book review2016879Available
Dalbeattie primary school - book review2016879Available
Kirkpatrick, Capt Samuel - book review2016879Available
Dumfries and Maxwelltown Total Abstinence Society - newpaper cutting20168710Available
Temperance movement - newspaper cutting20168710Available
Balmaclellan Kirk session - L Mackie20168712Available
Crichton Royal Hospital, John Munro - L Mackie20168712Available
Halliday, Janet & Mary, Balmaclellan Kirk Session - L Mackie20168712Available
Munro, John, Balmaclellan - L Mackie20168712Available
Closes of Dumfries, Coffee Close, 1926 crime - M Taylor20168714Available
Coffee Close, Dumfries, 1926 crime - M Taylor20168714Available
Crime, murder in Coffee Close, Dumfires, 1926 - M Taylor20168714Available
Civil War, US - M B Regan20168716Available
Hobsons, Garlieston - M B Regan20168716Available
Kellys , Garlieston - M B Regan20168716Available
Lindsays, Garlieston - M B Regan20168716Available
Military, US Civil War - M B Regan20168716Available
US Civil War - M B Regan20168716Available
Davidsons of Canonbie - W F Davidson & N Hide20168718Available
Bell, John, Roucan - W Clow20168720Available
Brown, Mary, Roucan - W Clow20168720Available
Burnet, Thomas, Roucan - W Clow20168720Available
Hansen, Abraham, Roucan - W Clow20168720Available
Potter, Robert, Roucan - W Clow20168720Available
Rouchan village - W Clow20168720Available
Administration/organisation of Scotland, Lord Lyon King of Arms, talk - J Morrow20168724Available
Lord Lyon King of Arms, talk - J Morrow20168724Available
Williamsons, Lockerbie and Kentucky - newspaper cutting20168725Available
Dumfries Academy, talk - L Mackie20168726Available
Education, Dumfries Academy, talk - L Mackie20168726Available
Stranraer, WW1 sailors from - M McDowall2017883Available
WW1 sailors from Stranraer -M McDowall2017883Available
Algry?Eldrig, Webster's Acc 1755, OSA, 1841 census returns - L Philip2017885Available
Eldrig/Algry, Webster's Acc 1755, OSA, 1841 census returns - L Philip2017885Available
Crime, theft, Edwin Turner - B Turner2017888Available
Turner, Edwin, crime, theft - B Turner2017888Available
Dobie, Kirkpatrick, poems - M Aitken20178811Available
Fasti - B Holland20178813Available
Sources, Fasti - B Holland20178813Available
scotlandsplaces - K Beasley20178815Available
Sources, scotlandsplaces - K Beasley20178815Available
Carsethorn, Major family - F G Major20178817Available
Major family, Carsethorn - F G Major20178817Available
Bell, testamentary suit, Jeffreys, Ecclefechan, Part 1 - K Moyes20178818Available
Crime, testamentary suit, Jeffreys & Bell, Ecclefechan, Part 1 - K Moyes20178818Available
Ecclefechan, Jeffreys, Bell, testamentary suit, Part 1 - K Moyes20178818Available
Jeffreys, testamentary suit, Bell, Ecclefechan, Part 1 - K Moyes20178818Available
Griersons - G G Grierson20178822Available
Auchnamhill, Dryfe Sands battle, Maxwell, Johnstone - I McClumpha20178824Available
Dryfe Sands battle, Maxwell, Johnstone, Auchnamhill - I McClumpha20178824Available
Johnstone, Dryffe Sands battle, Maxwell, Auchnamhill - I McClumpha20178824Available
Maxwell, Dryfe Sands battle, Johnstone, Auchnamhill - I McClumpha20178824Available
Maghee, John & David, C16, Dumfries, New Abbey, Tyrone - B McGee2017893Available
New Abbey, C16, Maghee, John & David, Dumfries, Tyrone - B McGee2017893Available
Tyrone, C16, Maghee, John & David, New Abbey, Dumfries - B McGee2017893Available
Crime, Solway viaduct as thoroughfare, 1925 - newspaper article2017897Available
Railways, Solway viaduct as thoroughfare, 1925 - newspaper article2017897Available
Solway viaduct as thoroughfare, 1925 - newspaper article 2017897Available
Child forced emigration, talk - M Taylor2017898Available
Emigration, forced child, talk - M Taylor2017898Available
Nichol, Dr. James Stewart, Langholm, Dumfries, Canada - E J Glinka2017899Available
Bell, testamentary suit, Jeffreys, Ecclefechan, Part 2 - K Moyes20178912Available
Crime, testamentary suit, Jeffreys & Bell, Ecclefechan, Part 2 - K Moyes20178912Available
Ecclefechan, Jeffreys, Bell, testamentary suit, Part 2 - K Moyes20178912Available
Jeffreys, testamentary suit, Bell, Ecclefechan, Part 2 - K Moyes20178912Available
Crichton, William Palmerston, Hightae, Lochmaben - I Gow20178915Available
Mariners of North Solway, their ships & shipbuilders - book review20178915Available
Burnet, Benjamin, Roucan, C18 - W Clow20178918Available
Hightae School headmaster, Crichton, W P - I Gow20178918Available
Roucan,Torthorwald, Benjamine Burnet, C18 - W Clow20178918Available
Barker, Wilkin, Little, Thomson, of D&G and Ettrick Forest Stn, NSW - K Francis20178920Available
Ettrick Forest Stn, NSW, Little, Thomson, Wilkin, Barker of D & G - K Francis20178920Available
Little, Thomson, Wilkin, Barker of D&G and Ettrick Forest Stn, NSW - K Francis20178920Available
Thomson, Little, Wilkin, Barker of D&G and Ettrick Forest Stn, NSW - K Francis20178920Available
Wilkin, Little, Thomson, Barker of D&G and Ettrick Forest Stn, NSW - K Francis20178920Available
Blair - L Flyte2017904Available
Miller - L Flyte2017904Available
Wilson - L Flyte2017904Available
Young - L Flyte2017904Available
Dumfries, Midsteeple - E Hogg2017906Available
Midsteeple, Dumfries - E Hogg2017906Available
Dumfries, Memories of, written in 1894, Part 12017908Available
Maxwell of Tinwald, Monrieth - M Windle20179011Available
Monrieth, Maxwells - M Windle20179011Available
Tinwald, Maxwells - M Windle20179011Available
Walker, Thomas Fleming, Maxwelltown and Sydney - J R Walker20179012Available
Military, Navy research, talk - J McGee20179016Available
Navy research, talk - J McGee20179016Available
Research sources, Navy, talk - J McGee20179016Available
Bell, Samuel of Rochelflat, Applegarth - A Barnett20179018Available
Richardson, Eppie of Kirkpatrick-Juxta - A Barnett20179018Available
Rochelflat, Applegarth, Sam Bell, Janet Thorburn - A Barnett20179018Available
Thorburn, Janet of Rochelflat, Applegarth - A Barnett20179018Available
Dumfries, shipping near-accident on Nith, 182220179019Available
Nith in Dumfries, shippingnear-accident, 182220179019Available
Cowan, Andrew, curling stone maker and his D&G customers - B Watson20179020Available
Curling, A Cowan, stone-maker - B Watson20179020Available
Blackcraig, cycling - D Nelson20179022Available
Cycling, 1890-1900, Wigtownshire - D Nelson20179022Available
Stranraer history - D Morgan20179023Available
Accidents & Disasters, Princess Victoria, Stranraer2017916Available
Masons, Park family, Dumfriesshire - V E Weighill2018911Available
Park family, masons, Dumfriesshire - V E Weighill2018911Available
Princess Victoria, Stranraer, 19532018916Available
Galloway Levellers, Shennan - I Gow2018918Available
Levellers, Shennan - I Gow2018918Available
Shennan, Galloway Levellers - I Gow2018918Available
Dobie, emigrants to N America - L Shermerhorn20189110Available
Dumfries Infirmary, history of - E Hogg20189113Available
Hospital, history of D&GI - E Hogg20189113Available
Bonnie Prince Charlie, T Gibson, treasurer, Kirkpatrick-Juxta - A Barnett20189114Available
Gibson, Thomas, treasurer of Kirkpatrick-Juxta, the '45 - A Barnett20189114Available
Kirkpatrick-Juxta, T Gibson, treasurer 1745 - A Barnett20189114Available
Dumfries, Memories of, written in 1894, Part 220189115Available
Murray, Flora, suffragette20189118Available
Politics, Flora Murray, suffragette20189118Available
Suffragette, Flora Murray20189118Available
Taylor Family of Longforth, Glenluce2018923Available
Kirkpatricks of Closeburn2018928Available
Some Definitions20189210Available
Report of "A Borders Surname DNA Study"20189210Available
Research Centre Technology Update20189211Available
Adams, William, pupil of Dumfries and Maxwelltown Industrial School20189212Available
AGM (2018) - Chairman's Report of 201720189220Available
Investigating some long lost love letters20189223Available
Muirheads of Dornock, Annan and Thornhill2018931Available
Ferry News, the2018937Available
Hare, William, in Dumfries2018938Available
Irongray Yesterday - a Parish History20189311Available
Paton, John Gibson, Reverend20189313Available
Kirkcudbright Castle or Old Church School20189316Available
Crime and Punishment in Dumfries in 172820189317Available
Haining, Jane20189318Available
Blacklock, David James20189319Available
Heughan, William20189320Available
Flanders Fields poet20189321Available
McCrae, John, Lieutenant-Colonel20189321Available
Bartholomew, David, Rev Dr20189322Available
McDowell, William20189324Available
Fatal Railway Accident near Dalbeattie20189325Available
Rosefield Mills, Troqueer2019941Available
Was there a better life in the Wilds of Huron, Upper Canada? - Part 12019945Available
Carruthers & Allan20199410Available
Rev John G Paton20199413Available
In Memoriam: John Turner Bone, RNAS20199413Available
1920 Caerlaverock Tragedies20199415Available
Thomas Blizard Bell20199418Available
Investigating some love letters written in Maxwelltown in 1901 (Part 1)20199420Available
Aunt Bertha2019956Available
Carruthers & Gillespie2019958Available
Secession Churches in Dumfries20199510Available
Investigating some love letters written in Maxwelltown in 1901 (Part 2)20199512Available
Was there a better life in the Wilds of Huron, Upper Canada? - Part 220199516Available
William Wilson Newlands (1873-1959)20199523Available
Was there a better life in the Wilds of Huron, Upper Canada? - Part 32019961Available
Henry Higgins Oat Grain Miller at R. Robinson & Sons Provost Oat Mill Annan (c1900-1912)2019966Available
The Shannon Legacy2019968Available
James Grierson (1788-1861)20199610Available
St Michael's Churchyard Dumfries20199616Available
Cruck Cottage, Torthorwald20199617Available
Reverend Robert Hunter 1837-18782020972Available
Peter Cunningham Pagan 1817-18412020975Available
The Declaration of Arbroath 700th Anniversary2020979Available
Place Names on the Solway Coast20209716Available
King for a Day - cautionary tale2020981Available
Stone, Steam and Dynamite - Galloway and Aberdeenshire2020987Available
Allan, John: Scotland, Cornwall, New Zealand2020989Available
Kenmure 1715; Balmaclellan; Archibald Johnston20209811Available
Plant & seedsman, Provost Thomas Kennedy 1792-186720209815Available
Brown, Alexander: Query20209817Available
Roberts Family20209818Available
Schofield Blacksmith Photo20209823Available
The Court of the Lord Lyon2021992Available
The Port Galloway Railway: What remains2021994Available
WW2 - Norwegians in Scotland2021997Available
Travelling Scots - Dumfriesshire and Yorkshire2021998Available
Thomas Maxwell and Margaret Hyslop's Family20219912Available
A study of a street and it's People - Laurieknowe, Maxwelltown 184120219915Available
The Crichton Royal Hospital Dumfries20211001Available
Lindsay, James 1849-188920211005Available
A Davidson Coat of Arms202110010Available
Oral History of the Cowan Family Part 1202110012Available
The Story of a Street and it's People Part 2202110014Available
Isle of Whithorn202110017Available
John Gibson's Mortification202110019Available
The Browns of Knockbrex - a Family, their Times, our History202110020Available
James Mitchell, Postmaster 1915-4820211011Available
Oral History of the Cowan Family Part 220211012Available
The Resort of all Amorous Couples, Gretna - book review20211015Available
WAAF Betty Common and Rudolph Hess20211017Available
J. McNeil, Tailor: A Mystery20211019Available
Robert McCubbin, from Dunscore to Ontario202110112Available
All Roads Lead to Dalton - book review202110115Available
McKenzie: Dumfries via Swansea to USA202110116Available
Fergus Graham of Mossknowe202110119Available
The Story of a Street, Laurieknowe Church Part 3202110121Available
In search of John McDoual 1831-7320221021Available
John Paton Laurie20221025Available
The Foundry, Castle Douglas - book review20221026Available
William Thomas Kennedy 1897-192920221027Available
No. 10 Laurieknowe20221029Available
Coaching Inns in Dumfries & Galloway20221031Available
John Chicken and Sons Boakers20221034Available
John Paton Laurie, The Brown Connection202210310Available
Dumfries War Memorial202210312Available
Estate Records202210312Available
The Cottage, Laurieknowe202210314Available
Tale of the Scott Family: High St, Moffat Merchants to Canada Homesteaders202210316Available
Book: Secrets Never to be Told202210319Available
Book: Old (Agricultural) Shows and more202210320Available
Posting Establishment in Annan20221042Available
Cotton Broking Smiths from Borgue20221045Available
Joseph McVittie20221049Available
Byways in Family Research (Joseph McVittie)20221049Available
Angus Douglas, QoS202210411Available
Beaten by the Dreaded Virus (Angus Douglas)202210411Available
The Story of Agnes Locke and her family202210412Available
Laurieknowe House202210418Available
Kirkpatrick Macmillan, Bicycle Inventor20231051Available
The proverbial "brick wall" in Bell/Carlyle family researches20231055Available
The Blairs of Borgue20231058Available
Help … I have hit a brick wall202310511Available
Secrets never to be told: an Emigration Story202310513Available
The Fountain, Dumfries202310512Available
Hawick Reivers Festival202310514Available
Most War Honoured Player to play at Palmerston (George Kenendy)202310516Available
George Kenendy, QoS202310516Available
Some Romes of Annan202310517Available
Stories in the Stones202310518Available
West Laurieknowe202310520Available
Walter Scott of Wallalong and Eskdale20231061Available
Landlords of the Globe Inn Dumfries20231069Available
My Scottish Ancestry202310611Available
Eliza 'Isla' Stewart (1855-1910)202310613Available
The Fish Cross202310617Available
Scottish Immigrants and Emigrants (Rowan)202310618Available
Annan the History Town Group202310619Available
Mabie Part 1202310620Available

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