DGFHS Syllabus for 2022


We have now completed our 2021 schedule. Thank you to all who supported these talks and to our speakers who took time to create and deliver their presentations and answer our member’s questions.

We have decided to continue our monthly talks into 2022, half of these are at times suitable for USA/Canada and half to suit Australia/New Zealand. We expect each to last 60-90 minutes. We have done our best to confirm world times but please confirm for your location.

As we are in a new Membership Year you need to re-register for our 2022 talks. To join a meeting send an email to zoom@dgfhs.org.uk with your details including Location and Membership Number. You will be added to our “repeat” listing unless you say otherwise. If you do not have your membership number then please email either the UK Membership Secretary at mbrs-sec-uk@dgfhs.org.uk or the Overseas Membership Secretary at mbrs-sec-os@dgfhs.org.uk who will be able to provide it to you.

Following the Talk we will have a Question Time on General Genealogy questions and we appreciate receiving these in advance to enable us to prepare an answer. Written questions will take precedence. Please do try to send a question in as it provides for a more interesting meeting. New invites will be issued for each meeting on the day prior to the meeting. The meeting space will open 15 minutes prior to the advertised time to allow time for participants to check their system before the meeting starts.

Recordings of each meeting will be available to those who have registered for the talk. You will be emailed within 24 hours of the meeting with a link to download the recording. The link is active for 7 days so please ensure you download whilst it is active.

If anyone feels they have a talk in them which would be of interest to our members please email zoom@dgfhs.org.uk with details.

14th January ~ 09:00UK 17:00AWST 22:00NZDT 01:00PST 04:00EST

Speaker: Rev David Bartholomew ~ The Galloway Hoard

16th February ~ 20.00UK 12:00PST 15:00EST 04:00AWST 09:00NZDT

Speaker: Lynda Mackie ~ The Story of Castledykes, The Place and Its People.

Note: Castledykes is an area to the south of Dumfries and where Dumfries Castle stood when Robert the Bruce raised the royal standard there in 1306.

25th March ~ 09:00UK 17:00AWST 22:00NZDT 02:00PDT 05:00EDT

Speaker: Emma Maxwell ~ Overcoming Brickwalls: Case Studies

13th April (AGM) ~ 20.00UK 12:00PDT 15:00EDT 03:00AWST 07:00NZST

Annual General Meeting
Speaker: Lynda Mackie ~ Investigating Some Long Lost Love Letters

13th May ~ 09:00UK 16:00AWST 20:00NZDT 01:00PDT 04:00EDT

Speaker: John Halliday ~ A Forgotten Hero? The Remarkable Exploits of Captain William Wilson of Colvend and his Impact on the American Civil War.

15th June ~ 20:00UK 12:00PDT 15:00EDT 03:00AWST 07:00NZST

Speaker: Lynda Mackie ~ Wallacehall School The Eton of 18th Century Scotland.

15th July ~ 09:00UK 16:00AWST 20:00NZST 01:00PDT 04:00EDT

Speaker: Andrew Armstrong ~ Scottish Textile Industry Migration 1750-1950

17th August ~ 20:00UK 12:00PDT 15:00EDT 03:00AWST 07:00NZST

Speaker: Mark Hatton ~ Understanding The 18th Century Gravestones of Dumfries

16th September ~ 09:00UK 16:00AWST 20:00NZST 01:00PDT 04:00EDT

Speaker: Margaret Elliot ~ Life and Works of Walter Newall (Architect 1780-1863)

12th October ~ 20:00UK 12:00PDT 15:00EDT 03:00AWST 08:00NZDT

Speaker: John Sproat (provisional) ~ Sproat Family of Borgue

18th November ~ 09:00UK 17:00AWST 22:00NZDT 01:00 PST 04:00EST

Speaker: Douglas Gray ~ Kirkinner to Blackacre: Go East Young Man!

14th December ~ 20:00UK 12:00PST 15:00EST 04:00AWST 09:00NZDT

Speaker: TBA

Updated 3 February 2022