Welcome to our new Online Shop where you can place an order electronically and make payment using a Credit and Debit Card or by your PayPal account. The Online Shop is available for downloadable PDFs of our books and orders for Printed versions. To pay by cheque, see FAQs below. Please take time to read our comments and FAQs below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by cheque? Yes you can. To pay by cheque download the latest Publication List and Order Form on our DOWNLOADS page, complete the Order Form and send with your cheque to the address on the Order Form.

How do I pay by Credit/Debit Card? When you go to the CHECKOUT and insert your details, at the bottom of the page it shows your order and the total cost. Below that is where it gives the option of PayPal & Card Payments and states “Pay via your PayPal or by card”. PayPal is just the conduit we use to transfer monies to us. Click on the yellow Pay with PayPal bar. This will launch a window to Log in to PayPal and immediately below the blue LOG IN bar it should say OR then another bar with the text Pay by Debit or Credit Card. Select Pay by Debit or Credit Card. There is no need to Create a PayPal Account to pay by Credit card unless you wish to have a PayPal Account.

When will I receive my E-Book? Your download links should arrive within minutes of your purchase. Please do not wait weeks to contact us if your E-Books do not arrive. If you have not received your link within 24 hours then please email onlineshop@dgfhs.org.uk. This is a very unusual circumstance and has only happened twice in over 2,000 sales.

What will I receive as a PDF? You will receive 1 or 2 PDFs in a single ZIP file, depending on your purchase. Each will be a complete version of the book and each will contain the same information. However, they will be formatted differently. The READ version will be easy to read on-screen or to print out as sequential pages. The PRINT version will enable you to print the book using two-sided printing to recreate our book.

How can I retrieve my PDFs? When you complete your purchase, you will be directed to a Thank You page which includes download links for your files. If you leave this page without downloading or if you lose your PDF you will also receive an email with links to your purchased PDFs. Whilst the PDF never expires we will only retain these until we republish the book. If you require a download of your E-Book after it has been re-published please email onlineshop@dgfhs.org.uk and we will forward it to you.

How do I view a PDF file? There are various programs you can use but the industry standard is Adobe Acrobat. There are 2 versions. The Pro version is a paid for program and allows you to create and edit PDFs but there is a FREE version which you can download at https://www.adobe.com/acrobat/pdf-reader.html and ensure you select the DOWNLOAD PDF READER button.

How do I open the ZIP file in Microsoft Windows? Open the ZIP file by double-clicking on the file. It will open in a new Window and you can copy and paste the contents to your preferred location.

How do I open the ZIP file on my iPhone or iPad? Save the ZIP file in your Files App. From there you can save the contents or copy and paste the contents to your preferred location.

How do I open the ZIP file on my Android device? Save the ZIP file to your Files by Google App. From there you can save the contents or copy and paste the contents to your preferred location.