Balmaghie Churchyard Vol 1 (2021)


This is a 76 page book of Memorial Inscriptions for Balmaghie Churchyard in the Parish of Balmaghie, Kirkcudbrightshire. It was first published in 2021 and consists of 34 pages of inscriptions from 262 headstones. This is our first to include every gravestone without any date limitation. The Name index covers both volumes and is indexed by Surname and Forename. Vol 2 has a further 269 gravestones. Over both books there are 2,042 individual memorial inscriptions and they cover the period from 1685 to 2020.

A Parish Map is included. There is an article on Samuel Rutherford Crockett and a photo and transcript of the War Memorial. There is a second, new Cemetery adjoining the Churchyard which will be published shortly.

We hold Digital images of 95% of the graves listed in this book and these can be purchased from the Society. See

Balmaghie Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions Vol 1 Published 2021.