Canonbie Churchyard Volume 1 (2020)


This is a 60 page book of Memorial Inscriptions for Canonbie (old name Canonby) Churchyard in the town and Parish of Canonbie, Dumfriesshire. Canonbie is on the border with England. It was re-published in 2020 and consists of 34 pages of inscriptions from 305 headstones. It is fully indexed by Surname and Forename. Vol 2 has a further 273 gravestones. As the previous book was re-published to provide a full index it needed to be produced as 2 volumes.

A Parish Map is included. There is a second, new Cemetery adjoining the Churchyard but this has not yet been transcribed. There is also a nearby graveyard at Kirkandrews on Esk in Cumberland with many Canonbie deaths.

Canonbie Churchyard Memorial Inscriptions Vol 1 Published 2020.