Cummertrees-Mouswald-Dalton-Ruthwell (2006)


This is a 16 page book of Old Parish Register Deaths and Burials for the Parishes of Dalton, Cummertrees, Mouswald and Ruthwell, Dumfriesshire. It was published in 2006 and consists of 14 pages of 575 Deaths/Burials between the period:
Cummertrees: 1733-1838
Dalton: 1766-1817
Mouswald: 1836-1861
Ruthwell: 1773-1775
Each Parish is listed by Surname and Forename.

A Map is included of all parishes. Also included are Place names from the Parishes of Dalton and Mouswald in 1896.

Dalton, Cummertrees, Mouswald and Ruthwell Old Parish Register Deaths and Burials Published 2006.